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  • The liberation of saying "no"

    So, I made a decision not to go to the meeting this evening... after all I'd already done (and it has been pretty much nonstop for ten hours) I decided enough was enough, that my presence wasn't critical or even necessary, but that other things, including rest, were.

    And it felt good, freeing even, to make that call, rather than heading out feeling cream crackered and probably tetchy as a result.

    Still have some church-related stuff to look at before the day ends, but at least I won't be risking falling asleep on a train and ending up who knows where!!

  • The Spice of Life...

    Definitely a diverse day today.

    I've just finalised and printed off the marriage service, so that all is ready for when I travel north tomorrow.  Always a privilege and a responsibility, always surprisingly demanding as well as delighting... always that slight edge of "have I got this right" about what I say.

    In a couple of hours, I'll be setting out with two others to share communion in the home of another couple, whose marriage is an example of faithful outworking of the vows made by young people filled with hope.  The "old love" is wonderful to behold, the tenderness and affection, patience and practicality, all forged in the 'crucible' of life's experience.

    After lunch it's time for my ocassional meeting with my Pastoral Supervisor - a precious and valuable space to reflect and refresh, rethink, regroup, relax... and there will be a few 'in town' tasks  to fit in too.

    Then I need to tidy up the vestry enough that the cover preacher for Sunday can actually get in the door and sit down without tripping over piles of stationary, craft materials and other stuff I am in the process of sorting out.

    And evening brings a short train ride to the south east of the city for a 'Mission Forum' meeting - a time of sharing and support with folk from other Baptist churches in this city.

    Never dull - lots of variety and lots to stimulate the old grey matter along the way!!