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  • Consider the kitties...

    The two manse moggies are very different in personality, which is partof what I love so much about them.

    Sophie (tabby) is a real lap cat and will happily settle onto me when I sit on the settee to read or watch TV, but in the office will usually curl up in a basket or a box.

    Sasha (white) is a really clever cat who can play with the red dot all by herself, turn off my radio alarm clock, is fascinated by the computer printer, and will sometimes come and sleep on the desk when I am trying to work.  She doesn't do laps.

    Except that this morning she did.  I had just opened up the Word document to review my draft sermon and start writing prayers, when she stepped down from the desk onto my knee and settled down.

    So we spent half an hour pretty much just being, Sasha and I.  With my free hand I managed to snap this photo, and to scroll down the file on screen to read what I'd typed.  But mostly we sat.  Sasha purred deeply as she enjoyed being stroked.  And I, unwilling to destroy this precious moment, and unable to type, simply sat and savoured it.

    Consider the kitties... sometimes what is needed is not more doing but a little more being, even, or especially, when it comes unexpectedly as a gift.

  • Flowers of the Field...

    This morning, our 'Animal, Vegetable and Mineral' series focuses on 'Flowers of the Field'.

    Getting an honourable mention is this rather attractive flower.

    We will be exploring what we can learn from flowers/plants about worth and works...

  • 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1...

    5 bags of books - from folk tales to theology, and several point in between

    4 crates of bric a brac - from lamp shades to coat hooks via vases and board games

    3 charity shops - supporting humans and animals, at home and overseas

    2 women working hard - massive thanks to J who drove and hefted the heavy bags

    1 manse floor that is now almost clear!


    Phase whatever number it is of the grand clear out, prompted by the upcoming visit of a house guest, and the need to get the place straight enough before new white goods get ordered... and it's surprisingly cathartic to let this stuff go.

    I've actually, perversely, got to the stage now that I am looking forward to having got rid of much the stuff that just sits there unused, untouched and unappreciated, as well as stuff I've kept 'just in case' I might one day use it again (and haven't in the last eight years!).

    I think the kitties are happier too, now that 'their' living room is not packed full of boxes and bags!