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  • Christmas in a Day...

    So, how do you set about advertising yuor wares for Christmas?  Collection, editing and combining more than a hundred homes videos does not sound like an obvious choice.

    Irrespective of where you might choose to shop, I think that this 48 minute film 'by Sainsburys' is the most wonderful social commentary on British Christmases in the early 21st century.  Who cares if it silently advertises Co-op products or contains the odd naughty word?  With some real feel good moments and some laugh aloud funny bits (especially from the 106 year old!) I simply enjoyed watching... hope you might too


    NB as it says on You Tube, contains scenes of partial nudity and animal slaughter

  • Weeping with those who Weep

    If I stand in my kitchen and look out of the window, I can watch the various helicopters take off and land.  Often when I am out walking I hear the familiar whir of rotors and look up to see the distinctive yellow or grey shape of one of the helicopters going about its business.

    So waking up to the 7:30 national news summary which was a single story, telling me that the Police Scotland helicopter had crashed into a pub only around 2 miles from home was shocking, frightening and deeply upsetting.  Logging in to Facebook the top notification was to let me know a minister friend in the Midlands had posted a messgae of support and prayer on my timeline - tears welled in my eyes.

    Stockwell Street is a vibrant part of the dynamic city centre that is Glasgow, and on a Friday night it would have been hoaching with happy people enjoying themselves.  Glasgow Royal is where I had my surgery, and the burns unit is underneath the wards where I was - it's fair to say the plastics wards will be full of people bumped to make room for critically injured people coming in.  It is also likely that WIG, GGH and SGH, hospitals I know to an extent, will be treating some of the injured people.

    I don't have any wise words right now, just an ache for those affected, concern lest any of 'my' people are directly or indirectly involved, and trust in a God who shares the pain...


    On Police Scotland

    On Scottish Fire and Rescue Service

    On Scottish Ambulance Service

    On NHS GGC especially GRI

    On Glasgow City Council

    On those directly involved

    On their families and friends

    Lord have mercy


    Last night I was doing the epilogue for the group who meet for company and support at the Gathering Place.  I used the gospel for Christ the King (year C) and centred on the 'bad' thief who just asked Jesus not to forget him, and was instead promised paradise...


    Jesus, remember everyone affected by this tragedy

    Wipe away tears

    Embrace with love

    Where possible fulfil hope

    Where not fulfil your promise, which is, afterall the ultimate hope

  • Another Year Over...

    Liturgically speaking anyway.  Taking a little break from blogging tomorrow, and then will begin my annual disicpline of reflections for Advent.

    Oddly in recent weeks I have been experiencing 'flashbacks' to what was going on three years ago.  Nothing disturbing or distressing, just a keen sense of the way that sometimes time and space collapses (or seems to anyway).  Three years ago was the start of the last RCL year A, which will begin again on Sunday, so maybe there is something of the 'ever-circling years' that bring us nearer to the source and telos of hope - the new creation.

    Three years ago the darkness felt very deep and threatening; hope was a flickering reed guarded by the servant of God who defies discouragement.  This Sunday I will be reflecting on what we might mean when we speak of 'walking in the light', and doing so from a very different, and much brighter, lighter place.  Yet it is also the same place, as Advent 1 turns our gaze backwards and forwards in time whilst being firmly rooted here and now.

    I love Advent, and am really looking forward to the familiar-unfamiliar journey that will propel me to Christmas once more.