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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life

  • The Fourth Blessing

    Today's gift was a few strips of 'paper chain' and an invitation to recognise those with whom we connect, at home, at church, at work, wherever, and to pray for them.

  • A Poem, A Picture and a Prayer - Day 3

    Today's poem is Advent Calendar by Rowan Williams, which you can find here

    The photo was an incredible sunrise, glimpsed only because, waiting to cross the road, I looked east and saw it. Christ comes a bit like that.

    And a prayer...

    God of sunrise and sunset

    Who, in this darkest of seasons

    Surprises us with jewel-coloured skies

    Red and pinks, gold, orange, mauve and silver...

    Fleeting reminders that always, always

    You come like the dark...

    And you are the light.


  • The Third Blessing

    Today's gift is practical - a key-ring with a wooden fob.  It was packed undecorated, but I chose to decorate mine (though the silver ink doesn't show up very well!)

    Christ as the 'Key of David' who unlocks the door/gate that leads us into hope.

    As the well loved hymn expresses it...

    O come, Thou Key of David, come
    And open wide our heavenly home
    Make safe the way that leads on high
    And close the path to misery

    Perhaps the key-ring can be put to good use, and be a sign of hope in the everyday.

  • A Poem, a Picture and a Prayer - Day 2

    Today's poem is The Coming of the Cold by Theodor Roethke, and you can read it here

    The photo is a tree that stands in the centre of paved area where people gather to chat, close to a parade of shops, and overlooking a play park.  It was the stark, near bareness, of the branches that struck me.

    And a prayer...

    God who created all things,

    Who grants the earth its winter rest.

    To refresh,

    To renew,

    To re-create

    Even when all seems dark, and stark, and devoid of life...

    Grant us, too, the renewing of hope and the re-creation of joy.


  • The Second Blessing

    A paper star, upon which to write a message, and three gold star stickers.

    I chose to stick the stars onto a candle, which I will light to pray for the three people with whom I meet weekly on Zoom to pray with and for each other.  These three ministers each shine like stars in their own contexts, and it is good to remember to honour and pray for them in this way.