24 April 2014


Today has been characterised by lots of admin, a chance meeting and two pastoral visits.  Obviously it is not appropriate to discuss the meeting or either of the visits, but each in its way was uplifting.  A conversation about the appalling standards of English grammar may not sound like the stuff of an uplifting time, but it really was.  Likewise a shared slice of (rather tasty) lemon drizzle cake and general conversation.  Oh, and the all-day breakfast, accompanied by deep discussion, was lovely!

Lots still do before the weekend, but overall it's been a positive week.

23 April 2014

Ten Years Younger!

Today I was seeing my GP about a minor but annoying problem (turns out to be tennis elbow; needs physio and topical gel) and she commented on how well I was looking, noting that she'd had to double check my age as she was sure I was ten years younger than I am... good compliment, thank you!  Made my Wednesday.

21 April 2014

Flippant.... but carries a sense of truth....

Apologies to anyone who finds this offensive but I liked it...

resurrection grave.jpg

Huges thanks to musicians, choristers, bacon cookers, table layers, craft supervisors, hymnbook hander-outers, banner hangers, chair shifters, table movers, washer-uppers, drink makers-and-pourers, liturgy writers, prayer-creators, Bible-readers and all who made this this such a wonderful Easter weekend.  May you all find spaces to rest... and rise refreshed and renewed in a few days time

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