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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life

  • Spring is springing!

    This weekend it will be six years since I visited two churches in the Glasgow-ish area to see if either might be where God was calling me.  I have many abiding memories... The incredible architecture of the church to which I felt no sense of call whatsoever, and the kindliness of the folk there, gracious to the last.  The tacky tartanalia of the hotel I stayed in near the airport, and the opulence of the appartment I stayed in in Glasgow (and the honey nut cornflakes for breakfast!).  The cullen skink and great conversation in the restaurant that had once been a Bible college after it had been a church with remarkable ceiling painting.  The discovery of Torness Street, which made me smile.  The hospitality and rapidly rustled up chicken dinner with folk who are now friends.  And the azaleas in the Botanic Gardens, a riot of colour on a glorious spring weekend.  My recollection is that every spring I've been here, my "squinty anniversary" has been warm and sunny.  I'm told the forecast for Saturday is rain, so I may yet be made a liar, but there really is a sense of spring springing now.

    So much has occurred in those years, and I do seem to find myself in reflective mood much of the time.  But for today, I shall enjoy the sunshine, take my sandwiches up to the Botanics, enjoy the flowers and look out for 'my' special squirrel (with the damaged tail) who I haven't seen in a long time.

  • Back to Work

    After a very relaxed break, it is back to work, and that feels good, if a little hectic and a fair amount of tail-chasing happening as I catch up on what's been happening.

    On Sunday we have the first of two services based on the JPIT material "Love Your Neighbour: Think, Pray, Vote" where we will be focussing on Truth and Justice (next week Peace and Well-being).  So this afternoon I have been reflecting on the Bible readings and researching thoughts on 'truth' and 'justice' and being reminded what slippry words they are!

    This weekend it is exactly six years since I first preached in Glasgow, and every time I reach this date it gives me pause for thought.  Such a lot has happened since then, for good and ill, and I do sometimes wonder, if folk could have known what lay ahead if they'd have made the same call.  I certainly have no regrets whatsoever, and am happy to be here, doing my best.  Definitely refreshed by my time out, and knowing that there is plenty to do between now and the next break which is... um, a long way off!

  • Condolences

    My thoughts and prayers are with the people of "Dibley" Baptist Church following the death earlier today of their minister.

    Having been there a little shy of four years, arriving as a fairly mature in years NAM, he and his wife served the church with energy and enthusiasm, notably guiding them to set up a community cafe as an outreach opportunity.  He was due to have been 'handshaked' at this years Assembly and will now instead be among those whose passing it recorded.

    Rev P. L. may light perptual shine upon you; may you rest in peace and rise in glory.