24 October 2014

It'll Be Alright... Privilege and Hope

Been a busy week, and a good one, so I don't feel too guilty sloping off this afternoon to visit a friend over in the east.  Especially since this could be the last opportunity to do so, and we have 'big stuff' to discuss.

Last night I baked pink cupcakes for her... she loves pink, I don't, but we both love cake

We will laugh, and we'll talk, and we may well weep.  And I will reassure her, as I reassure myself, that 'it'll be alright', that hope and love are stronger than dread and despair; that even if I have no idea what heaven looks like, it will be safe and pain free.  That 'all will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well'

We both find it funny that we found a profound connection, being so utterly different in many ways and yet so alike in others.

I am privileged to have L as a friend, and when she leaves us, as leave she must, I will miss her.  But when the day comes, I will let her go, knowing that for her, as for me, it'll be alright.

God bless you L xxx

23 October 2014

Sorry, Judith, You Didn't Convince...

Really fun Bible study looking at the Book of Judith today.  Lots of exploration around women in scripture and how they are portrayed... so Deborah and Jael, Ruth and Naomi, Esther and Herodias, each of whose stories has some resonances with that of Judith.

Issues around flirtation and seduction (have you read these stories!?); questions about whether murder can ever be justified; the discovery of a prayer aksing God to propser someone in a fabric of lies... we had lots of fun and some good conversations.

We found the reflection interesting and enjoyable, but concluded that whilst we wouldn't totally reject it, Judith would not go on our 'top' metaphorical shelf where we put our extended canon!

22 October 2014

Recycle, Re-use, Re-create...


In the absence of much to go on (website still says "watch this space") Sunday's OWW service will include an interactive element, to which the above is a fairly sizeable clue!

After two hours of experimenting this seems a workable solution!  About another hour of work to do, then I dare to think that bit is done!!

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