21 September 2014

"I love my church"

OK, ok, I know it isn't "my" church, it's Christ's church... it's the church of which I am part, and I love it.

As we shared worship this morning people were loving, gracious and 'business as usual' with those they were pretty confident had voted differently from themselves because we know, we really know, that we are still who we are and we can do this.

It's funny the things that stick in your mind, and I still carry in my heart a kernel of truth from the sermon at my (our) induction service - be kind to each other.  We do our best - sometimes we suceed, sometimes we fail but we know it's a good aim, so we keep on, keeping on.

Another thing that came to mind this week, was something someone said to me on hearing of my cancer diagnosis four years ago which was, to the effect of "the only thing that has changed is that now you know".  Which was true.  And was not true.  Because knowing changed everything.  This morning "the only thing that had changed was that we knew the outcome of the referendum" and that changes everything... not suddenly and earth shatteringly, but now we know (as we would have done with a different outcome) where we are at this point in time.

After the service several people thanked me for what I had shared (every prayer I used was borrowed, I wanted to avoid my biases (except in choosing) from emerging, or badly chosen words causing offence).

I love my church because on the first Sunday after the referdendum, 'ayes' and 'noes' were distributed throughout the congregation, and two new students, who look like they might be settling with us, saw us at our best - loving, sincere, thoughtful, diverse, slightly eccentric (apparently, I've never noticed) aiming for inclusivity and trying our best to follow Jesus.  What's not to love?

Post Referendum Meditation

This from here will be used in morning worship...


A Post Referendum Meditation

The cases were made, the arguments honed

with anger, commitment, emotion, enthusiasm, passion, reason ...


Promises and threats:

the body personal and politic pummelled, enervated, engaged,

strained by social and inner divisions and stretched by honest differences.


The people of Scotland have voted: we have voted. I have voted.

For our own many reasons we placed our crosses in one box not another

For my reasons I placed my cross in one box not another.


Some of us came to our decision with ease, some only `after long struggle.


Reasons constitutional, emotional, historical, moral, political, religious, social

Crosses placed angrily, economically, enthusiastically, fearfully, generously,

hopefully, patriotically, rationally, regretfully ....


... and here we are today, tomorrow,

living in the light and shade of this decision that we have made

and others are witnessing.


People have watched on as the votes were cast and counted, result delivered

We are taking stock of our decision,

We are responding emotionally, politically, personally, as individuals,

families, neighbourhoods, nations, countries.


We are feeling .....

We are thinking ...

And now? What next?

We have voted

Where do we go from here?

20 September 2014

Glasgow 20th September 2014...

It is true that a small number of extremists behaved extremely badly in Glasgow last night, and the media were there to ensure the world saw.  This is my response, after I went into town this afternoon.


So where were the TV cameras, huh?

I mean, there I was in central Glasgow this afternoon and...

The sun was shining
Some amazingly good buskers, busking
People, shock horror, laughing and joking
Doing their shopping (or getting their messages)
Chatting to folk they knew
Streets bustling with all kinds of people
Going about their normal,
Saturday lives

A group of guys got on the subway train
A little bit merry for early afternoon
One carried an inflatable flamingo
(No, I don't either)
A mother explained to her excited son
They were going the long way round
Rather than just one stop

Shocking! A normal, natural outbreak of humanity
So where, I ask again, were the TV cameras?

Don't let the actions of a few extremists colour your views

"People Make Glasgow"

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