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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life

  • Baptist Assembly in Scotland

    Today I will be heading Fifewards, if there is such a word, for the BUS/BMS Assembly. Looking forward to catching up with friends and hearing news from Baptist churches, some learning and worship and sharing.


    Back home Saturday - taking an extra night there rather than a late journey home on Friday.


    Should be interesting and enjoyable. And yes, I really did post this at silly o'clock...

  • ... I wouldn't start from here!

    There was a saying, when I lived in the Midlands, "if I was going there, I wouldn't start from here..."

    For the second time in a fortnight, I've looked at the Bible passages set in the scheme I'm following and wondered how on earth they got from there to the title they propose (and which I blindly and blithely have adopted in the preaching plan).

    To make matters more complicated, the gospel passage I'm currently working with requires me to engage in all manner of mental gymnastics if I am to make any sense of it whatsoever... all my commentaries are at church whilst I wait at home for the bookcase builder, and the online stuff is variable and questionable.

    Not at all sure I can bend the exegesis to fit the title (for the second week running) but it is an intriguing passage to work with, so we'll see what emerges by the end of today when I have to have it done (I am at Baptist Assembly in Scotland for the next two days...)

  • In praise of adjectives!

    The latest version of Microsoft Office's Word has an annoying habit of trying to remove my adjectives citing the need to be concise.  This annoys me greatly, because using them is always a conscious effort on my part (my scientist brain can do concise without thinking, adjectives take a little longer).

    This morning an email arrived in my inbox with a sign off that referred to "this gorgeous morning"... and it really is a gorgeous morning.  More significantly, it was the feel of the greeeting, lost without the adjective, gave a lift to my spirits.

    So, adjectives (and adverbs) are good and, if used apppropriately, have the potential  to transform the boring in to the beautiful.

    Have a great day, gentle reader, and enjoy the adjectives that brighten your own day!