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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life

  • Twelve years... (and sixteen for this blog!)

    Twelve years ago today I officially began work at The Gathering Place in Glasgow (the induction service followed a few days later).  Sixteen years ago, I began blogging, when it was very much the 'in thing' with ministers.

    Those years (12 and 16) have certainly flown past and what a lot we have shared along the way.

    I am looking forward to Sunday, when we wil renew our Community Covenant, break bread and connect together over Zoom.

    The pandemic seaosn has been long, and one of the realities of taking care of the chuirch social media presence is that this old blog has been very neglected.

    So, if you are still hanging on in there after all this time - a big thank you, your quiet support and encouragement has been, and is, much appreciated.

    As we move on into autumn, and then to Advent, I will endeavour to post more frequently - there is CoP26 and there is Advent, so lots to share.

  • Climate Sunday - An Honour and a Privilege

    Last Sunday was the Four Nations' Climate Sunday Service held in Glasgow Cathedral.  I was privileged to be one of those chosen to lead the intercessory prayers - the words I was given were beautiful, and it was a real honour to pray them...

    Teach us, Lord God, how to care for your earth, which you have lent to the human race.  Help us to see what each of us can do in our local environment, and never let us underestimate the work of our neighbours, which may appear small, but still contirubtes to a global reconciliation with nature.

    You can read a report on the service by clicking HERE

  • Eleven years - and still counting my blessings

    It's exactly eleven years since my cancer diagnosis.  Some - I sense possibly a minority of - people are able to put it behind them, forget.  Most that I have met do not, or cannot.  The intensity lessens but the memory remains and is, for me anyway, important.  It reminds me what a wonderful gift life is, how amazing the NHS is, and how blessed I am. 

    Today I had brunch out. Today I went to a Pilates class.  Small pleasures.  Great sources of joy and pleasure.

    Annual nag - get the screening, do the checks, report the concerns... life is a gift, so let's all cherish it! 

  • #RiseToTheMoment

    This morning, we began to think about the upcoming CoP26 Climate Conference taking place in Glasgow in November.

    We made origami prayer boats (watch our instruction video here) and wrote prayers on prayer postcards - as shown above.

    We are hoping to gather a flotilla of origami boats to send to the fleet that will be displayed at the CoP, and to send boats or postcards to MPs/MSPs etc.

    So proud of our young adults taking a lead and inspiring us to get active.

  • Summer Beauty

    Just because it's summer and flowers are beautiful.