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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 3

  • Angel Advent - Day 8

    What do you see when you look at this image?

    A wet day in a city centre.  Something has been left on a bench.  An onlooker, arms folded - perhaps in disgust - stands nearby...

    In monochrome, a person lies huddled up, under a blanket on a bench.  Another person, hood up against the rain, arms folded across their chest looks towards them...

    A newly installed sculpture, 'the homeless Jesus', located at the back of St Geroge's Tron Church of Scotland, in Glasgow.  A young man stands silently studying it...

    Jesus, cold and alone, sleeping on a park bench, watched over by an unlikely angel...


    Yesterday, with two folk from church, I went to look at this newly installed artwork.  We paused on the corner opposite, and I snapped this photo - not great composition, it'd never win any prizes - but I was struck by the intentionality and intensity of the young man's study of the statue.

    We walked over, and started to observe it for ourselves.  Other people passed by, some stopping to look at the sculpture, others hurrying on their way.  The young man, unbidden told us it was Jesus.  He shared with us a little of his own story, of homelessness and vulnerability, and how he now had a home (on a very fragile basis) where he was enjoying learning how to live independently.  He told us about the Bible study he attended in the church.  He told us how someone had asked to meet him at a nother nearby church with a very similar name, and that by mistake he'd come to this one, where he found welcome and acceptance.  We all shook hands and he headed off to his Bible study, and we to enjoy lunch in the Wild Olive Branch Cafe inside the church.

    If angels are messengers from God, this man was an angel.  He brought us good news, of his own redeeemd and renewed life, of his love of Jesus, of the worth of the little we are able to offer.  I don't know his name, I didn't think to ask, but as he strode purposefully on his way, on a wet Thursday afternoon, I knew he was my 'angel' of the day.

  • Angel Advent - Day 7

    Today's image comes from a website called Catholic Exchange.  The image is not attributed, so far as I could tell, but it was accompanied by a warm story of an English (British?) woman who sees angels.

    The rich colours of the painting, along with the gaze of the angels is intriguing and beautiful.  I find myself drawn with their gaze seekig it's object - which I assume must be God or Christ, whilst wondering how they are depicted.

    I think I saw an angel yesterday... not a golden winged creature, but someone who brought a message of hope and joy to another human.  He was no more than 5'4" tall (my height), clad in a military blazer, sharp hair cut, clean shaven, shiny shoes, and holding a charity bucket.  I was witness to a conversation he had with a friend of mine, who knows him through their work.  His humour, his bright eyes and easy smile, his very earthiness shone with love and life.

    Why do I think he was an angel, when he was very clearly human? It's about timing, and  placing, and catching a moment in a way that could not be contrived or predicted.  Unlike the woman mentioned on the website, I don't 'see angels', if by angels we mean winged, supernatural creatures.  But, if we allow for coincidence (in it's true meaning of arising at the same time) of people and places, conversations that have a sense of 'aha' or 'hmm' then yes, I most certainly do.

    Yesterday I met Angel Robert, and I'm glad I did.


  • Angel Advent - Day 6

    Bit of a rush this morning, so a very quick post.

    I did a search on 'homeless angel' and this by Banksy appeared.

    It may shock you.  It may offend you.  It may intrigue you.

    Called either "homeless angel" or "pissed angel" according to which website I sviewed, I think it's amazing.

    I see it not as a 'fallen angel' but perhaps as a 'broken angel', sharing the despair of the "down and out".


    God of the outcast and the poor,

    God of the junkie and the whore

    God of these fragile lives we are...

    Send an angel to share our brokenness and bring us hope


    (Words adapted from the song, "God of the Mpon and Stars")