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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 3

  • Rhodies for Remembrance

    One of my abiding memories of my first visit to meet the church in Glasgow was the abundance of beautiful rhododendrons in full bloom at the end of April.  For whatever reason, in Glasgow they bloom early... and are always beautiful.

    My garden here in Cheshire has a singe rhododendron, and now in mid May it's coming into bloom, and it, too, is beautiful.

    So I remember, and I rejoice... so many good memories of so many special times and well-loved people (and yes, there were a few 'moments' of course there were)... and I am grateful.


    rhod bush.jpg


  • Ascension

    On Tuesday I was meant to lead worship at college, but Covid stranded me at home.  On Sunday, one way or another, I will leading worship for church.  Both draw on some of the same resources to think about the Ascension, and mostly, what's the 'so what' of it.

    I've used the Dali image (above) along with this poem, which I stumbled across whilst looking for the image:

    When he levitated toward the sunflower sun
    Christ’s toes were perfect. Not a hint of hallux
    varus or valgus, not a speck of fungus. His soles
    were filthy, of course, like ours. He’d been out
    strolling for miles. And we stood stupid. Waved
    like he was going on safari or an Aegean cruise.
    Still wearing the little loincloth. Nothing else
    to weigh him down. No ballast. Hands clutching
    everyone, everything, invisible zero G baggage.

    Later, when burning seeds rained down and pigeon
    feathers bleated fugues, we remembered. All of it.

    You can find the original post of the poem here

    The one significant 'beef' I have with the Dali is that Jesus doesn't have wounded feet.  They are dusty, but they are unblemished... where are the crucifixion marks?  I won't be majoring on this on Sunday, that's not why I'm showing the image or using the poem, but it matters to me that the resurrected Christ is scarred, wounded, permanently marked by the experience.  Matters because it fits the scriptural record, and matters because we are all wounded, all injured, marked, hurt and vulnerable - and we need a saviour who actually 'gets it'.   


  • Commemorating Julian of Norwich

    Today is the commemoration of Julian of Norwich, and some of my minister friends will be meeting to discuss the book pictured above. The dreaded Covid means I won't be with them, ah well, I have kitties, and books, and time to rest, all of which, I am sure, she would approve.
    Speaking of Covid, during Lockdown 1, I was invited to join two other people, wise C of S ministers, to write some 'Julian Collects' a project based on Revelations of Divine Love. We never quite completed the project, but we had some fun, and I still have the 10 I wrote stored on my computer!
    As we sit close to Ascension and Trinity, this one seems fairly appropriate to share here...
    DAY 24
    God opened my spiritual sight and showed me my spirit in my heart. The spirit is as large as an eternal world and a blessed realm as well. And the greatest light and the brightest shining in the city of spirit is God’s glorious love. What can allow us to take more delight in God than to see that he takes delight in us, the greatest of all his creatures? In this same vision I saw that if the blessed Trinity could have made our spirit any better, more beautiful, or more noble, God would not have been pleased and satisfied with our creation. But because God has made us so beautiful, so good, so precious, God is infinitely delighted in the creation of our spirit. And the Trinity wishes us to be transported up above all this world and all its empty suffering, to delight in God. This delicious revelation is without end. And God would like us to rest in it while we are still on earth. For when we contemplate we are made like unto God. And through grace we are united in his peace. That I saw God sitting gave me special delight, for sitting implies sure confidence and an eternal dwelling of rest. God assured me that it was indeed he who had shown me all of this.
    ‘I saw God sitting…’
    Triune God, so often we focus on your activity:
    Creating, Redeeming, Sustaining, Healing, Loving, Inspiring…
    Help us to be alert to your sitting…
    Safe lap into which we may climb and find a comforting embrace
    Rest for our bodies and peace for our souls
    For we pray in the threefold name of Parent-Sibling-Friend. Amen

  • Hosts and Guests

    This morning, I was at church first thing to check on the baptistery, switch on the heater and then cover up the whole thing in an attempt to keep the heat in, and keep the spiders out!

    I found myself reflecting on the fact that this is the first time I've been part of a congregation acting purely as 'host', and that, with two exceptions when we used a hired portable baptistery, all the baptisms have taken place in borrowed buildings or, in the case of the one in the sea, a host community.

    It's been interesting to notice how my experience of having been the guest so many times affects my approach to being the host.

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow's service, when 'all' I have to do is the welcome, notices and the housekeeping! 

  • Going Wavy...

    Those who have known me a long time know that I am not a lover of hairdressers, and that having had the same one for the greater part of fifteen years, having to find a new one in a new place was quite a big thing.

    So, today I went to the delightfully named 'HeadKase' salon in the Railway Town where I met lovely stylist who listened carefully and put me at ease.  Working with the natural waves/kinks in my hair, and basically tidying it up after several months of neglect,  she left me feeling very happy with the result... one of the few times I have honestly had a smile that went to my eyes when I was shown what it looked like.

    Of course, as soon as I have to wash it, the waves will largely disappear, but I am going to enjoy them whilst they last.

    At least I'll look respectable for doing interviews tomorrow!