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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 6

  • Passing muster...

    Sasha inspecting the table ahead of this evening's meal.

  • Maundy Thursday... Table for Thirteen

    This evening, by fluke or divine inspiration or something, I have a dozen guests joining me for a 'Supper in the Shadows'.

    It's a sort of blend of a Passvoer Seder with a Tenebrae Service.

    I like that there will be thirteen of us - and of course a place for Elijah, if he shows up.

    I like that there will be adults and children.

    I like that there are people for whom this is not totally new, and others for whom it is absolutely new.

    I like that I get to exercise hospitality, cook new recipes, cheat and buy ready made things I only need to heat, and share with others on this night of nights.

    I am humbled that around my table will be people who have experienced the reality of clandestine meetings and the real fear of betrayal or arrest for their disicpleship of Christ.

    I am humbled that around my table will be people from different walks of life, different nationalities, different political opinions and so on.

    I am humbled that, in some measure, God will touch each and every one of us, whether through a word, a song, a symbol, or a spoonful of stawberries and cream!

  • Two weeks and counting...

    So, it's officially two weeks into my wean-off period and time to decide whether to stick at alternate days for another week, or move down to every third day.

    I've opted to stick for another week or two for a couple of reasons...

    • the transition effects are now wearing off, so there is little nausea, less intense nightmares and fewer (though no less intense) flushes.
    • it's Holy Week, and I don't want to risk the resurrection of the Monster in a busy and demanding season of the church year.

    Overall, I am fine, liking the non-drug days better than the drug ones, and, except where justified, not irritable.  So at least one more week of alternate days and then a further reduction in planned.

    Watch this space!!