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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 6

  • Checking In....

    Apologies to anyone who has been checking by in the hope I've written something - it's been the kind of week where a lot has been happening much of which it isn't appropriate to be sharing.

    I had a lovely weekend away in Edinburgh, and would certainly recommend the student accommodation we rented to anyone looking for self-catering accommodation for a group of adults.  Always good to catch up with folk I haven't seen for ages. Tea and cake (as per photo) was de rigeur both in Edinburgh and on a day trip back to Glasgow!

    Sasha has been back to the vet for blood tests.  Things seem finally to be moving in the 'right' direction, so hopefully her drugs can be reduced in the near future.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow and a day trip to the seaside with 'our' asylum seeker families, and showing them the great British traditions of ice-cream, fish 'n' chips, paddling, sandcastles... and train rides!

    For any Weegie readers, the European Championships are messing up the roads and public transport over the next week, but we will still be meeting for worship at the usual place at the usual time! If you want to check things out go to this link (click here)


  • Tidying Up

    I've spent a little bit of time tidying up this blog, removing links that I suspect no-one uses or that are 'dead', and rewording the odd bit of stuff that appears in the side bars.

    If, by some remote chance, I've deleted a link you have been using, my apologies... and hopefully you can find whatever it is somewhere else.

    No posting for a few days - I have a weekend away in Edinburgh with some friends.  Normal nonsense will be resumed shortly!

  • Treasure in Disposable Cups

    At our Deacons Meeting this evening we focused on 'treasure in throw away cups ' (2 Cor 4:7) for our devotions, and wrote little messages of encouragement to each other and popped them into throw away cups.

    I am humbled, encouraged and gently challenged by the lovely messages I received.