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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 9

  • Lest We Forget...

    There is no greater love than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. John 15:13

    Military and civilian
    Volunteer and conscript
    All faiths and none
    'Good' ideology or 'bad'
    'Us' and 'them'
    Freedom fighters
    Injustice challengers
    Peace seekers
    Peace keepers
    Peace makers

    Lest we forget - and in forgetting are doomed to repeat the worst of which we are capable.

  • Lest we Forget

    Not my handiwork, an image found online of three poppies

    Red for Remembrance

    White for peace

    Purple for animals in the service of humans during conflict

    Whichever, if any, you choose to wear, or not to wear, it's important that we don't forget but instead allow the remembering to inform our today, and to shape the tomorrow for those who come after us..

  • Remembrance Preparations...

    I came across this poem/prayer which I think is worth pondering...


    Lord, we give you thanks for the gift of tears:

    For tears of grief, redeeming our mourning from despair;

    For tears of anger, awakening our thirst for justice;

    For tears of laughter, celebrating our joy in living.


    May the light of Christ shining through our tears

    Become a rainbow of your promise,

    Shedding colours of your love's bright presence

    In your grieving, struggling, laughing world.

    (Author unknown)

  • Fake Cake and Real Highlights

    The Baptist Assembly in Scotland, celebrating 150 years of the BUS is now over.  It was a good to days, some real highlights, no horrendously low spots, and, amusingly a fake cake.

    When we arrived the cake was proudly on show, a centrpiece that i assumed, wrongly, would be ceremonially cut at some point.  It wasn't.  When everyone was packing up at the ned, there it was, slightly bashed and still uncut.  'Oh, it's not real,' I was told, 'it's a polystyrene block covered in icing'.  There had been real cake, gluten free so suitable for most people to enjoy (thoguh not vegans or dairy intolerant folk) though I found it overly sweet and the artificial cream cloying.  I am spoiled - no-one makes a cake like our N!  There could be, as someone said to me, a sermon in that, but thaty's never been the way my mind works.

    Thankfully the fake cake and the cloying artificial cream did not any any way symbolise the two days, which, for the most part were really enjoyable.

    Some highlights...

    On Friday, a panel of very senior leaders from BMS World Mission, EBF, BUGB and BUW answered honestly and opening questions about sprituality, disicpleship and self-care.  It was truly wonderful, as they spoke in ways that resonated with real people.

    On Saturday, someone had created the most beautiful 24/7 style interactive prayer space.  I loved it and spent almost an hour enjoying and praying in ways that suit me.


    Also on Saturday were some excellent short talks by folk from the Scottish Bible Society, Scottish Baptist College and Strathclyde University.  Really interesting and relevant, wide ranging to cover topics such as mental health, singleness, cosmology mission and reading the Bible!

    There are always very precious moments - the welcoming of newly accredited ministers always takes me bck to my two 'handshakes' in BUGB and BUS, and rmeinds me who and what I am in this crazy Baptist context.

    Lastly, on Saturday evening, Lynne Green, General Secretary of BUGB invited BUS women ministers  to dinner.  As we sat mucnhing pizza in a restaurant in Motherwell, stories were shared, ideas were sparked and connections made.

    It was a good Assembly.  I am glad I went.  I am proud of my delegates who engaged even with the stuff that really isn't 'them'. I feel encouraged and content.

  • All Saints

    All Saints - the day to remember those who went before us, especially those that the world-wide church has officially recognised as saints.  But also those who are part of our perosnal litany of faithful servants of God, famous or largely forgotten.

    And an excuse to share one of the hymns that I absolutely love singing - and really has to have an organ accompaniment...