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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 7

  • Women and their Olive Trees

    This mysterious and ethereal image is just one of a whole range of paintings being exhibited at the chapel of the Univerty of Glasgow until 27th October.

    The flyer expresses it thus:


    After leading chapel prayers this morning (on an especially unpromising reading!) I spent a little while wandering around the exhibition drinking in the joy, sorrow, mystery, majesty and creativity of these women from across the world.

    If you happen to be close enough to visit, I'd strongly recommend it.

  • Gloriously chaotic!

    This morning, we arrived at the hotel to discover it was pretty full of people at a conference - turned out they were international doctoral students on some kind of residential thingy - and knowing that we had to be out pronto sharpish to allow 'our' room to be used for a wedding.

    Despite having announced an earlier start time last week, it was inevitable that some folk would come for 11 a.m., and sure enough they did, arriving in dribs and drabs over a twenty minute period.  It was all rather chaotic but all very relaxed and everyone just took it in their collective stride.

    At the end of the service, I was able to give Bibles to some folk newly arrived in the UK in their first language - the look of pure joy on their faces was a delight to behold, and over coffee I could see them peeping at the first few pages, excited to hold such a precious book in their own hands.  Sobering and humbling.

    After coffee some of us took these folk for lunch - pizza and coke/sprite/orange - simple fare shared among people who between us represented a number of nationalities, and none of that mattered a jot.

    This is ministry at its best - muddled, chaotic, characterised by love and laughter and somewhere in the midst of it all our newly arrived folk found peace, security and welcome.

    A good morning.

  • It's the little things...

    Today, nine days after it was installed, my shiny new oven is working.  The fitters connected it all up, went to demonstrate it to me - and nothing happened.  They checked there was power reaching it - there was - shrugged their shoulders and left.

    Today, the first available slot arose for a repair man to come out... in under ten minutes he had identified and rectified the problem - a loose wire that he says was visibly not connected...

    So now I have a fully functional kitchen once more, with just some tidying and cosmetic work still to be done.

    And a reminder that details matter, and small things make a big difference - which is pretty much what Operation Agri want me to say on Sunday!