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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 7

  • A Celtic Advent - Day 27

    Posting late in the day because I've been our since 5 a.m. and am just in now!

    Today we meet St Beuno who certainly had some strange dreams! However, the key message seems to be about being ready to meet our maker - and how life now should reflect that.  To pit it bluntly, how does my life reflect my readiness to meet God, either because Christ returns or because I die. That can all sound pretty scary or fatalistic, but actually, as I was taught in my teens, it shouldn't be, it's simply a reminder to be the person God calls me to be.

    The prayer:

    Loving Bridegroom, you call me to be ready.  I prepare myself for the invitation to the wedding feast by the life I live, bu following your commands both in scripture and in my own heart.  Help me to be ready. Amen.

  • Forty Days of Photos - Days 25/26

    Yesterday and today have been very 'clerical'.  For various, important and urgent reasons, the day off didn't really happen, so I've opted to post a 'dog collar' photo, reflecting the fact that today I've been wearing a clerical shirt.

    Then there's also this photo, which is my 'treat' to myself to compensate for not getting a 'proper' day off...



    How I might connect this to Advent probably needs some creativity. Maybe something about the unexpected or unplanned, and of the need to take a moment here or there to be kind to ourselves rather than simply pressing on in the cold, dark December night.  The work today was full of privilege.  And the oven chips were very tasty!


  • A Celtic Advent - Day 26

    Today we move on to what the book refers to as the 'third coming' of Christ - that which most schemes call the 'second coming', and of how we might prepare ourselves for that.

    Key to today's musings is the idea of a monastic 'rule of life' - more a 'rhythm' than a 'law', more a 'calendar' than a 'measuring stick'.  It is a helpful take on the much vaunted discipline of 'quiet times' or 'prayer times' that promotes commitment without inducing guilt... the rule is to help us, not to beat us up when (rather than if, I suspect) we fall short.  It's about a structure or framework, maybe more like a scaffold in which we can move around than walls to constrain us.

    For many years now, I have struggled to find published Bible study notes that 'work' for me; forays in to PAYG or Northumbrian Community Daily Office are great for a while, and then it all kind of drifts.  What I am learning, over and over, is not to be legalistic, but to find a broad structure, such as 'set aside thirty minutes' or 'read a chapter of a book' or whatever it might be, recognising that God is active in it all, and that the rhythms that suit me may never be those in some published book!

    Here's the prayer for today...

    God of order and spiritual discipline, in my desire to live more focused on you and to become more like you even in the times when I do not feel like it, help me to keep the commitment to my rule, my way of life, so that I can be a ready for your return as I can be.  Amen.