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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 7

  • Simple Gifts...

    Isn't this just beautiful? A Christ with a rainbow-nimbus (halo). A gift from H & G, an expression of spirituality of a Christ who includes, embraces and identifies with those who are LGBTQI+, a Christ who embodies hope and the promises of God, and undoubtedly a whole lot more. Worth sitting with and reflecting upon. For now it is on my bookcase, but I need to get it framed and hung properly. A simple gift that speaks volumes. Thank you.


    Isn't this just fun? A gift from L & G, a book of cat poetry that is laugh out loud funny and conveys deep truths.  One to dip into if I need cheering up, or reminding not to take myslef too seriously.  One that, for now, sits on my desk, alongside Bibles and commentaries, hymnbooks and theological tomes. A simple gift that brings me joy.  Thank you.

    Sublime and ridiculous, beautiful and bonkers, serious and silly... I love how these two contrasting gifts express the diversity and unity of our church.  And I love that people love me enough to give me such wonderful gifts.  Thank you.

  • Manse Moggies Doing Good!

    Sophie in a red harness - wearing it for ten minutes, earning a few tiny treats for being so good. Sasha likewise in a blue harness...

    Sasha harness.jpg

    The plan is slowly to increase the duration until they are suitably content to walk around in them, and then add leads.  If that works, then we will venture into the big wide world of Outside.

    This afternoon Sasha spent a full 20 minutes sitting on my knee - unheard of!  It gave me a much needed break from doing anything, after which I went for a decent walk.

    Excellent 'catting' kitties - very grateful for the love and distraction of these two, and for the lessons they give me in 'being' rather than 'doing'.

    So now it's Saturday evening, all that needs to be done this week is now done (apart from a bit of printing tomorrow) so it's time for a cuppa, a custard cream (or two) and cuddles with the kitties. 


  • Hmmm...

    This is challenging and true.  Whilst I claim not to see busyness or even knackeration as status symbols, I am not sufficiently diligent in addressing them.

    So I am taking this image, which I saw elsewhere today, as gentle chastisement, and a reminder that I am racking up 'lieu days' faster than is helpful.

    Keep me in check, gentle readers!