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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 7

  • Zooming Marvellous!

    Yesterday Zoom had a massive wobble, rendering much of the UK unable to use it.  There are many theories and possible reasons for what went wrong, but amazingly, our connection lasted out for the service, even though a lot of people didn't have video, and a few kept dropping out.  We managed to get a full recording, and it was available online by close of play yesterday, which is no small feat by our techy folk.  Apparently one journalist suggested that 'the church broke Zoom' - not sure that's true but it's amusing.

    Today all seems well, so far as I can tell.  So, many more zooms in prospect this week, one way and another.

  • Finally Finished...

    Some ideas work, some don't.  At the time, this one didn't, so it was set aside to await possible completion at a later date.  Yesterday afternoon was, for me anyway, that date!  Fewer figures than originally anticipated, but the message hasn't changed over time - the church is people.  If this lock down has shown us nothing else (and it has shown us much more, in my opinion) it is that the church is people.

    In a little over an hour I'll be logging in to Zoom for the tech checks, and then will sit back and enjoy the arrival on my screen of tiny tiles as people all over the world connect in with us.  There are people able to join us who wouldn't be able to enter any building, any time, and whose voices have largely been unheard or ignored for ever.  One important lesson, among many, from Zoom church, is how to keep meaningful connection and engagement when we reach, as we eventually will, the 'beyond'.

    As for me, a greater intentionality about self-care and spiritual self-care is proving a great gift... and for my own benefit and well-being I will probably keep on doodling and sewing my prayers and meditations, at least sometimes. 

  • Pssst...

    ... wanna buy some flour?

    Amusing sign seen in my local Post Office.  Anyway, should you want some flour and live within essential travel distance of me...

  • Unusual Pillar Boxes

    Look closely at the photo at the top of this post, and you will realise that there is something unusual about it.  The regnal mark is for Edward VIII, the king who was never crowned, having abdicated his throne to marry the woman he loved.  Such pillar boxes are relatively rare.  Certainly until yesterday, I had never been consciously aware of passing one.

    So a quick internet search surprised me when it revealed that across the UK there are something like 160-170 of them.  And also that two of them have been in places I have lived...

    IMG_3835.jpg        IMG_3848.JPG

    If you look closely - you might have to do some jiggery pokery with the images - you will discover that one is Hyndland, Glasgow, and the other in Hugglescote, Leicestershire.  Indeed, the latter I used, without ever noting the inscription, for almost six years when it was my local pillar box!

    I like finding odd connections, and this one is pretty odd!  I also alerted me to the need to slow down and really look at things... it was just by chance that I spotted the E viii R mark yesterday, and just curiosity that led me to discover the connection.

    Recently, I've begun to identify what I am loosely referring to as 'my lessons from lockdown'.  Slowing down and looking certainly is one (or two?) of them.

  • Just for fun...

    No comment needed!