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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 5

  • Relaxed and refreshed...

    OK, it's taken me 54.5 years (or a little over to be precise) but I think I may finally be starting to get the hang of chilling out, being content to do nothing and simply to be.

    This morning I spent a delicious hour chilling with the cats whilst I listened to the podcast of Sunday's "Our Favourite Things" service.  What a treat it was.  Gentle and encouraging, carefully researched and skillfully and warmly presented.  I always love favourite hymn services, discovering why people choose what they do, and this was no exception.

    This afternoon I was treated to a visit to the cat cafe in Stirling... you get a tea or coffee and cake, and an hour to enjoy the company of the cats who live there.  Another gentle hour, kitty cat cuddles, smiles, laughter, good conversation with like minded friends as well as yummy cake and a good cup of tea.

    I love spending time at home (always have) and I am learning to love spending time 'being' and not 'doing' or at least 'more being' and 'less doing'.

    Thank you to A and all the Gatherers who contributed to the service, and to J who treated G and me to tea with the kitties!

  • A (Comparatively) Tidy Office

    I'm not a tidy person, never have been, can't imagine I ever will be.  For all that, I like to tidy up before a break  so that when I return it feels fresh and 'nice'.  I probably have too much stuff for my small office, but at least the desk is fairly clear ready for me going away.  A useful hour's work this afternoon methinks.

    Seems like the kitties approve, too!


  • Winding Down...

    I'm just about to start some annual leave (first of the year, oh dear, I get no better at this!) which will include two free weekends.

    The first will see me travelling to Cambridge for my niece's wedding.  It promises to be a very lovely day, and I am really happy for her.  It also means that for the only time in my life I will get to stay in a college of the University of Cambridge!

    The second weekend, I'll be going to London to meet up with my 'chemo buddies' for our annual celebration of life.  Afternoon tea on the banks of the Thames, and a first chance to meet our honorary 'nephew', the miracle baby of our youngest buddy.

    In between, there will be some chilling, some decluttering and probably lots of sleeping!  Today, I really ought to tidy up my office which is a total disgrace, so that when I return to work it feels 'nice'.

    This 'wind down' week has been quite good, giving me a bit of space to focus on some of the tasks that get 'bumped' all too frequently, and also to reflect a little on the year that has gone by.  I think it's fair to say that I feel a lot happier and more settled than I did this time last year - probably because life has been far less turbulent and undoubtedly helped by the 'happy pills' keeping the menopausal monster under control (even if they do cause a lot of tooth grinding and other wierd side effects).

    Looking forward to the break - and then to returning refreshed and renewed for the next season.