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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 5

  • First Funeral Here...

    So today was the first funeral I have done since I moved here... The first time at a crematorium where there's an assumption that you'll control the Wesley system yourself (with a screen so tiny that I couldn't read what it said, let alone control it; thankfully crematorium staff were quite happy to do so remotely)... The first one where doves were released (into driving rain and a howling gale, poor little things)... 

    It was, as always, interesting to see the 'we don't have any local customs' customs...

    But above all, it was, as it always is, a huge privilege to be trusted by a family to help them say farewell to a loved one.   There was a blend of sobriety and... well I was going to say hilarity, but whilst that might rhyme, it isn't the right word... humorous moments.  There was some good singing - and a lot of people who stood in silence during the hymns.  There was scripture and story, prayers and blessings.

    And now, even though it's too wet and windy to get out for a liturgical, decompression walk, I have jeans on, tea poured and biscuits to munch...


    RIP DSL, may you rest in peace and rise in glory.


  • Office now Tidy-ish

    After seven months, and two major festivals, my office reached a state known on certain circles as 'Peak Rachel'.  This afternoon I have tided it up to a level I can work with... not perfect, and I have way to much stuff in here, but at least both I and the cats can access our respective chairs!!

  • All Eastered Out!

    Easter services went well - but six events in a week (so seven in eight days, plus other church and vicar school stuff) is exhausting!

    I had a good time, church had a good time, and I received some lovely messages from people who joined us from other churches... and now I am mostly resting.

    I know that the season of Easter runs until Pentecost, but I am also very happy to be a proddy non-conformist and say that it's now done!  No preaches in April, and a couple of Sundays away from RTBC for various things, which all feels good.

    Resurrection is celebrated... and rest is being taken! 

  • A Table for Thirteen

    Ready for guests to arrive...

    The cloths have been ironed, the table set

    Wine is poured and bread prepared

    And now as darkness falls

    (And rain lashes the streets of this town)

    I must wait patiently....

  • Tenebrae...

    Apparently they have never done a Tenebrae here at RTBC... so tonight will be a first.  I hope they find it meaningful.  I've had fun creating place-cards for the Twelve, ironing table cloths, and thinking how to make a small meeting room in a Victorian Baptist church beautiful and welcoming.

    So far, Holy Week is going well, and I am managing to juggle two jobs and umpteen calls upon my time.  I knew bi-vocational ministry would bring many new challenges and this week is a definite example of that.

    After tonight it'll be three services done, three still to go...