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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 5

  • Sermon Free Service...

    This morning we had a service without a sermon - quite deliberately - and it seemed to work quite well.  The logic was that we had a church meeting to follow the service and the timing was important.

    We had all the essentials - call to worship, sung praise, prayers of approach and confession, scripture readings, intercessions and communion itself.  By careful (I was going to say skillful but that sounds self-congratulatory) choice of hymns and crafting of the liturgy, we were enabled to reflect privately on the theme, which had been tailored to fit with the main agenda item of the meeting.

    It all seemed to go well - both service and meeting - with a nice 'warm' atmosphere.  Lots of exciting little green shoots emerging... definite signs of God's activity.

  • National Poetry Day

    It's lovely to see people posting their favourite poems on blogs and social media today - a veritable feast for anyone who enjoys poetry.  I'm not sure that I have a favourite, rather there are many that I treasure, as much as anything, for the associations they hold.  Even so, in the general spirit of the day, I'm going to share this, which is one of my favourite Christmas poems, and a short reflection of why it is so...


    by U A Fanthorpe

    This was the moment when Before
    Turned into After, and the future's
    Uninvented timekeepers presented arms.
    This was the moment when nothing
    Happened. Only dull peace
    Sprawled boringly over the earth.
    This was the moment when even energetic Romans
    Could find nothing better to do
    Than counting heads in remote provinces.
    And this was the moment
    When a few farm workers and three
    Members of an obscure Persian sect.
    Walked haphazard by starlight straight
    Into the kingdom of heaven.

    I guess part of the reason I love this poem is my own experience of a BC:AD paradigm shift (Before Cancer: After Diagnosis) amidst the mundane ordinariness of life when everyione else just got on with doing what they were doing.  I love it, too, for sense of serendipity as the farm workers and the Persians (three? Probably not!) haphazardly wander into the Kingdom of Heaven... this seems to reflect my own experience that, often, it's not the planned or overtly spiritual times and places where I encounter God, but the unexpected 'hmmm' moments when something resonates, or several ideas coalesce and I glimpse again the mystery of the faith that shapes my life.

  • Charity begins at home...

    Well, sort of, yes, at least in so far as I've just sent a whole van load of stuff to a charity from my home - and they seem genuinely thrilled with what I've given them.

    I still have some books to go to Oxfam and some bric-a-brac to go to Cats Protection, but the bulk of the stuff has gone to Tomorrow's People, a charity that seeks to help young people into employment who might otherwise find it very difficult.  They have a large 'furniture and more' shop near where I live, and it's good to know that my spare stuff will bring hope and joy to others.

    I look forward to my less clutttered home, and a more 'grown up' life style once I've got properly straight again.  It's all good.