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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 2

  • Home again!

    Florence was lovely, as was Pisa, and we packed plenty into our short break. 

    I arrived in Florence feeling dreadful, with a heavy cold, blocked ears, sore throat and streaming nose... so it was straight to bed for a few hours sleep before taking an evening stroll.  Now I am home, my ears are still blocked, my throat is better and my cough has progressed to the 'productive' stage (tmi probably).

    As is so often the case, a few major sites is lovely, but it's the unepxected bits that take my breath away... like the cloistered convent we stumbled across in a side street, or the (now) Orthodox church with air so heavy with incense it permeated my lack of smell!

    Likewise with cafes, it was Il Vegetranio, frequented by locals, and serving honest peasant food, where we enjoyed the best meal of the holiday.

    I was amused (and impressed) to be able to give directions to a French tourist in Pisa, using my limited French, and being understood.

    Now it's auld clase 'n' parrtich...

    Annual trip to breast clinic this morning, and all seems good (depends on outcome of mammogram) so I'm now 8 years a NED unless they tell me otherwise.

    Lots of Admin and some service prep - and kitties reclaiming me!

    In all this ordinariness, God is there and God is good.

  • Still here!

    Apologies, loyal readers, for lack of posting. Life is very busy, and I hardly have time to turn around.  Tomorrow morning I get up before God does to catch a plane to take me away to Florence for a few day's break.

    Suffice to say, today I have a sore throat, a temperature and the start of a cold - deep joy!

    When I am back there will new tales to tell, but for now, there is a meeting to prepare for, and a few loose ends to tie up, so I'm signing out!

  • Double or Nothing...

    This arrived today.

    In theory, I should not be in this system because I am still under the care of the breast team at my local hospital, but surely better to picked up twice than not at all...

    This appointment is for the day after my routine check-up at the breast clinic, so I don't actually need it but... if you 'decline' too often you are denied screening, and in two years time I need to be back in that system... Tricky one! Will have a mull before I decide what to do!!

    All that aside, screening is important... so I'm actually happy to be double counted rather than overlooked.

    If you are female, have breasts and aged 47-73 or 50-70, depending where you live, then Do. The. Screening!!