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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 4

  • 100 Years Young...

    This morning I popped into the care home long the road from me, where our current eldest member resides.

    Today "Miss A" has her 100th birthday, and the staff have certainly pulled out the stops for her.

    When I walked into the lounge, I was greeted by huge balloon '100', a table laden with cards, and bouquets from such august organisations as Glasgow City Council.  The birthday girl, clad in her favourite pink, was in good heart, and looking forward to seeing many visitors during the day.

    We chatted a little about her long life, and I prayed with her after dropping off my own card and a small gift. 

    I had to smile to myself that she seemed decidedly underwhelmed when one of the carers told her there was a card from the Queen waiting for her to open later, but was equally thrilled that I couldn't come to her party because I was leading a Baptism preparation class.

    I hope a wonderful day is enjoyed by this woman, who never ceases to amaze me, and with whom it is always a privilege to spend time.

  • Good Question...

    I saw this question posted by 'Unvirutous Abbey' on Facebook (it's probably on Twitter as well) and it's a really good one.  The responses to it were interesting, mostly very gracious, some very funny, and a lot quite thoughtful.  We won't mention those that were paragraphs.

    Among those I liked were along the lines of...

    • That bit about loving your neighbour, I meant it.
    • This book is full of truth, even if not everything is factual.
    • I gave you a brain, use it.
    • No animals were harmed in the writing of this story (!)
    • If you read it all, and think you understood it, you didn't, start again.
    • If you use anything in this book against others, you read it wrong

    So, what would you add? Sensible or silly?

  • New tee-shirt...

    Almost seven years ago, I was given the gift of a pale blue teeshirt similar to the purple one in the photo above.

    I have worn it on and off during that time, mostly outside of church contexts, and with varying responses. I was once told it was an 'aggressive statement' to wear such a teeshirt; more often people have smiled and among non-church people it can be a good conversation starter.

    Because my blue one is just about worn out, and because the organisation supporting US women Baptist ministers needs some support from this side of the pond (imo), I've just ordered a new purple one.

    I will look forward to it arriving - and to deciding what are suitable occasions for it to make an appearance!

    PS they are available for men also!