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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 4

  • Angel Advent - Day 5

    Archangel Raphael seems to be depicted in gorgeous turquoise-green robes.  The healing angel (the "Rapha" bit means healer) who appears in the apocrypha/deautero-canonical book of Tobit.

    Green is often seen as a colour of wholeness, healing and growth, which may explain the choice for Raphael.

    Many people, I suspect, depending on their age, think of Raphael as the famous artist, or as one of the 'teenage mutant hero/ninja turtles'; few will be aware that the former is named after the angel, and the latter after the artist.

    In western society, the meanings and significance of names has long been lost, with parents choosing names they like the sound of, or which have personal significane (relatives or celebrities).  Raphael serves as reminder of the power of names, in shaping expectations and informing lives.

    If we could choose a 'virtue name' for oursleves, I wonder what it might be?  I wonder how knowing the significance/meaning of our name (chosen or given) might affect our attitudes and actions?

    God of healing and wholeness,

    Thank you for the story of Raphael, the angel of healing

    Thank you for the potential significance of names in expressing values and aspirations,

    Known to you by our names - the ones we choose for ourselves, not simply those given to us by others - help us to grow in grace, mercy and love,

    Learning to be, and to become, the people you made us to be.


  • Angel Advent - Day 4

    This photo was shared with me by the person who took it.  It is the Angel gabriel watching over the chapel at the (now closed) Western Infirmary in Glasgow.

    I can imagine countless people sitting in the hospital chapel, in times of distress, in times of fear, in times of loss... as well as those who participated in formal services over so many years.

    I wonder how many people gazed at, or through, this image, seeking comfort, reassurance, or hope... how many viewed it through tears; how many raged at the injustice they perceived...

    And Gabriel stood vigil, hearing all, seeing all, feeling all, saying nothing... and saying everything by his quiet presence.

    Hospital chapels - or prayer rooms, or 'sanctuaries' as those in Glasgow are now named - are special places where hope and fear, joy and sorrow, doubt and faith may all be expressed - sometimes all at once.

    According to a website I visited, Archangel Michael protects, Archangel Gabriel announces and Archangel Raphael (of whom more another day) guides.


    God whose angel Gabriel announced news to Zecharaiah, to Mary, to Joseph

    Please watch over all who, this day, are present in hospitals -

    As out-patients and in-patients, as medical staff, administrators, housekeeping, chaplaincy or countless other roles

    Surround them with your unending love, and grant them your peace.



  • First Sunday in Advent

    The candle of hope burning brightly

    A teeny tiny thurible for Zechariah

    Some knitting for Mary

    A saw and a hammer for Joseph

    The remains of Communion

    I had a great morning telling stories and sharing with a multi-ethnic all age congregation.