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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 4

  • Birds of Pray...

    I was doing a little bit of research this morning and I stumbled upon this cartoon.  It made me smile.

    Sunday's service has a loosely 'birds of the air' feel to it.

  • Updates...

    You know the feeling - your computer announces that it is going to do some updates, and that this might take some time.  And of course when your computer is more than nine years old, it really does take a very long time.  But never mind, next day you switch it on and... oh, your email programme is sending error messages... so you do everything that the internet suggests (which takes a few hours) and still it doesn't work.

    Never mind, you think, I already have a newer email programme installed, I'll simply open that up instead.  And lo, it works... but, oh, you have no contacts...

    Yes, gentle reader, the update broke my email software and cleared all my contacts.

    But all was not lost!  In my webmail, my iphone and the private email account on my laptop, I had most of them. So with a bit of faffing and more researching, I now have contacts again... but not yet all of them.

    Ah well, I am sure there's a moral in there somewhere (and no, it's not switch to apple from miscrosoft!) but at least everything is now functional and I can add afresh contacts over the coming weeks/months.

    Nine years and counting is pretty impressive for a computer - just need it to hang on in there for a couple of years yet!

  • Preaching in 2020...

    Just a bit of nonsense!

    It all began with a request on social media that I post a photo of me in a hardhat, so I did.

    Then someone said what it really needed was 'This is what a preacher looks like' teeshirt.  So I did.

    Then someone said but whatr about youe headphones?  So I did...

    Joking aside, the guidelines for any churches returning to face-to-face meeting is that preachers should wear a face covering/mask (possibly with a clear panel for lipreading) during worship, with the option of either a clear visor or standing behind a perspex screen to preach.

    So, yes, in 2020, this is roughly what a preacher looks like... unless, like me, you choose to remain virtual.

  • As Good as a Rest...

    So that's my week off done!

    It's pretty much inevitable that I only read a fraction of the stuff I had set aside for this week - but I have read a little of everything, and will keep plodding along with all of it.  If nothing else, pressing 'pause' allows for a little bit of resetting, and it will be good to be more intentional about reading 'proper' stuff again in the weeks/months ahead.

    This week I have metaphorically visited Greater Manchester (before the latest Lockdown, so no virtual self-isolation needed!!), Portsmouth, Buckinghamshire and central London.  I have worshiped with Zoom congregations using the technology differently from our own practice, and each time shared in Communion, a symbol of togetherness in apartness.

    I have taken some longer walks around Glasgow - one day was 'Canal, Kelvin and Clyde', another was 'All Four Cathedrals in One Walk' - as well as some shorter strolls.

    I have done a small about work in my summer 2020 prayer embroidery - 'And God Smiled' - hindered by the kitties!

    I have got up late and gone to bed early, made soup, baked cake and ended my week by ordering a 'Cornish hamper' of scones and clotted cream to form the centre-piece of an afternoon tea I to served myself on Friday.  Best china, best linen... best way to finish the week!

    It has been a good week, and pretty restful, allowing me to set aside thoughts of church, at least most of the time.  It would have been nice to travel literally to see some of my friends in England - but as well I didn't as things have turned out.

    Back to work tomorrow (yes, I know it's Monday but sometimes these things have to be done) but before then, there are still scones waiting to eaten...

    Oh, and if you are the praying type, please remember those of my friends who are in Greater Manchester, East Lancashire, West Yorkshire and Leicester... they have all done what was asked of them, and now they are being locked down again.

  • OOO and the Annual Office Clear-out!

    Every year, around this time, I do a major clear out and tidy up of my office.  This year it was possibly a slightly bigger job because my office has been doubling as church for four months or so, which has included all sorts of lash-ups to position my laptop or to ensure that flowers or other symbols were in shot.

    It took all day, but it looks infinitely better and I am no longer embarrassed at the thought of someone seeing the floor.

    Packing away Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost and a chunk of Ordinary Time was quite a big task, but it does mean that when I return to work after a week of annual leave, the office will be tidy, at least for a while.

    So, the "Out of Office" (OOO) auto reply to emails is ready to go, I am logged out of Zoom (I will be Zooming to church in Manchester on Sunday and if I was logged in, the service here would be interrupted as you can't be in two places at once!) and before bed I will switch off my church phone.

    Looking forward to week of resting, reading and crafting, all based at home.  There may or may not be any blogging, but if there is, it will be done from my kitchen because the office is now closed.