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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 4

  • Thankfully I don't hear these very often nowadays...

    Things not to say to your woman pastor are alas all to often the experience of women clergy.  I still have private jokes with my friends from Dibley about the length of my skirt, and there are still times - not at my church but elsewhere - when some of these are said to me.  I'm sure it's not unique to ministers either.

  • Quaker Prayer

    Whilst researching for this Sunday's service, I came across this rather lovely 19th century Quaker prayer written by Henry T Hodgkin ...

    Firm when all round me is in flux and seething

    Strong when the knees are quivering and fail,

    Beat of my heart’s beat, energy of breathing,

    Over my frailty wilt Thou prevail–

    In the secret places of the spirit,

    In the silent spaces of the morning

    I come to thee.


    Giver of joy beyond my best conceiving

    E’en to the stricken on his lonley trail,

    In Thee I find the glory of achieving,

    Resting on Thee I do not fear to fail–

    In the secret places of the spirit,

    In the silent spaces of the morning

    I come to thee.


    Friends who wast by me on my first arising

    Nor wilt forsake me when the light is spent

    Unto the child-like ever more surprising

    Filling the restless with a deep content

    In the secret places of the spirit,

    In the silent spaces of the morning

    I come to thee.

  • Tradition...

    One of my 'tasks' for today is to print clean copies of these two photos... Annie and Lil, two very precious friends whose lives were cut short by breast cancer.

    For the sixth time (so it must be a tradition) some of my chemo-buddies and I are meeting up for a catch-up and to relax together.  Almost seven years from my diagnosis (and six from all of theirs, 'I'm the 'big sister') it's fair to say that for most of us the spectre once so large and fearsome has receded very much into the background.  On Friday we will meet the 'miracle baby' of our own 'baby', even now only in her mid thirties, as we share afternoon tea on the banks of the Thames (and hopefully the rain will have stopped by then!).

    We will inevitably talk a bit about shared experiences, but more we will simply enjoy ourselves, and chat about what we're doing now.  We will take a moment to remember Annie and Lil, to be grateful for the love and laughter they brought to our lives, and to commit ourselves afresh to living our own lives as fully as we are able.

    Of course I can't post a cancer-related post without a little nag to check your bits 'n' bobs, do the screening and report to your GP any persistent coughs, headaches, unexplained weight loss or changes in bladder/bowel habits.  Stay well.  Live, love and laugh.