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A Skinny Fairtrade Latte in the Food Court of Life - Page 8

  • Virtually Everything - or at least Many Things Virtually

    Yesterday was due to have been a time-tabling clash, such that I would have been in Bournemouth for the English Baptist Assembly, at the same time as the final retreat day for the Ignatian Course I've been doing in Glasgow.

    As things turned out, the Assembly was postponed/cancelled, the planned book launch was done in other ways, and I ended up taking part in a 'virtual retreat day'.

    To make it feel like a retreat, I set up my kitchen table with a prayer zone, a craft zone and of course a Zoom zone.  And it worked really well.

    When all was done I put everything away and turned my kitchen back into a kitchen.

    This morning, I debated doing church from the kitchen rather than the office.  I didn't, because the boundaries are quite important, and the point yesterday was to be in a space that's not my office.

    This week I have spent something like 30 hours on/at Zoom events of all shapes and sizes.  There is much that's good and exciting, and there's much that's restricting or frustrating.  It seems you can do virtually anything  virtually... which is probably as well, as to stay safe we need to stay home for a good while yet.

  • Much Purpleness

    It's been a pretty full-on week so far.  I have lost count of the number of hours spent in digital gatherings and live-streams bit it's around twenty I reckon, and it's only Wednesday!

    Today's webinar involved quite a lot of purpleness... in honour of Violet Hedger and Edith Gates, and indeed all the foremothers and foresisters in Baptist ministry who paved the way for those of us doing it now.

    It was tiring but actually it looks OK.  I am so tired I can barely type words, never mind sentences, so I'll just link the recorded webinar in case anyone is interested... here

  • A Blessing

    A friend signposted me to this sung version of the Aaronic blessing - worth a listen, even if it gets a bit loud towards the end!!

  • Setting up for church...

    Sunday morning setting up for church... there may be no chairs to rearrange, no projector to switch on, but there is always something to do.  I am very fortunate to have the oversight of the manse moggies to ensure all is well... I'll let you into a secret, I have my own private Zoom meeting as I set up, so I can move stuff around to achieve the desired effect before I am joined by anyone else!  

  • Alphabet Prayers 2020

    This morning we experimented with a multi-voiced prayer of thanksgiving as part of Zoom Church. Thank you so much to everyone who shared, made us smile, made us think, and helped us pray. Here it is...

    Thank you, God, who delights in our prayers, hear us now as we offer you our Alphabet of Prayer:

    Thank you, God, for Aunties
    Thank you, God, for Brothers and for Bus-drivers
    Thank you, God, for Care-workers, Crafting and Cats
    Thank you, God, for Doctors
    Thank you, God, for Elephants
    Thank you, God, for Forests
    Thank you, God, for Glasgow
    Thank you, God, for Home, Hope and Harpsichords
    Thank you, God, for the Internet, so that we can all do this on a Sunday
    Thank you, God, for Jesus
    Thank you, God, for Ketchup, to add taste to my fish
    Thank you, God, for Lorries, Loo-paper and Lap-tops
    Thank you, God, for Mothers
    Thank you, God, for Neighbours
    Thank you, God, for the Oppressed
    Thank you, God, for Peace and Pansies
    Thank you, God, for Quiet Moments
    Thank you, God, for Railways
    Thank you, God, for Sausages
    Thank you, God, for Telephones
    Thank you, God, for Umbrellas
    Thank you, God, for Vegetables
    Thank you, God, for WiFi
    Thank you, God, for Xylophones
    Thank you, God, for Young People
    Thank you, God, for Zoom that connects us
    Thank you, God who hears our Alphabet of Prayers, who gives us the gift of imagination and joy, and welcomes and loves in in all our glorious diversity.  Amen