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  • Eric Liddell's Creed

    Yesterday I bought the kindle edition of a little book by Eric Liddell (so far as I can ascertain, first published about 40 years after his death) and it's excellent.  here's an extract, his presonal creed:

    I believe in God the Father, Almighty, Creator, infinitely holy and loving, who has a plan for the world, a plan for my life, and some daily work for me to do.

    I believe in Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, as Example, Lord, and Saviour.

    I believe in the Holy Spirit who is able to guide my life so that I may know God's will; and I am prepared to allow him to guide and control my life.

    I believe in God's law that I should love the Lord my God with all my heart, and with all my soul, and with all my mind, and with all my strength, and my neighbour as myself.

    I believe it is God's will that the whole world should be without any barriers of race, colour, class, or anything else that breaks the spirit of fellowship.

    He goes on to say, "To believe means to believe with the mind and heart, to accept, and to act accordingly on that basis."

    Later in the book he also adds:

    I believe in the Sermon on the Mount and its way of life and I intend, God helping me, to embody it in my life.

    Who needs a sermon when you can share this?!