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  • Angel Advent - Day 9

    According to the #CatsofTwitter today is #Caturday a day on which they post pictures of themselves and/or tell the world how they are spending their day!  Being owned by two such, I thought that maybe an 'angel cat' might be appropriate today (and also because  I am snowed under with other things to do).

    The image was shared with me three years ago when Holly Cat died.  As it happens (I had to double check) today is indeed the anniversary of her death, so maybe it's OK to choose this image, or maybe I was 'prompted' to, who knows?

    I like the sentiment of the image, that even as we grieve the loss of our loved ones, in some way, seen or unseen, God draws very close to us, to share our sorrow, and offer comfort.   Someone once told me they knew someone who believed that all cats are angels, not least because they tend to choose us, rather than we them.   Whatever you make of that thought, I think it has an echo at least of prevenient grace and divine love, that is there before we even know that we might seek it, and seeks us out when we least expect it.


    God of all life, of all creation,

    We can never fathom the mystery or the means of your grace

    We can never comprehend the depth, height and length of your love

    So all we can do is be grateful that your grace, mercy and love are from everlasting to everlasting

    And can be brought to us by angels, who may, at least sometimes, look rather like cats...