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  • Angel Advent - Day 13

    By Scottish artist John Duncan, this is St Bride being carried by angels from Ireland to the Holy Land (demonstrating that Blake's 'Jerusalem' is by no means the only twaddle that gets perpetuated! ;-) ).

    It's a lovely, vibrant image, rich in colour and detail - look at the scenes depicted on the angels' robes, or the face of the seal, or gulls who seem to me to be smiling!

    St Bride - St Bridgid - St Bridget - appears all over these islands, perhaps most notably in Ireland and Wales, where she supplants a pre-Christian guardian of wells who has the same name.  In our age of clean water at the turn of a tap, and high tech taps able to deliver either chilled or boiling water according to our demands, it's hard to imagine how significant Bride/Brigid/Bridget was... and still is in many parts of the world today.

    She no longer comes in supernatural form, but in organisations such as - but not limited to - BMS World Mission, Christian Aid, Operation AGri, and Water Aid.  Tube wells, irrigation schemes, sanitation projects, long-drop toilets... all 'good news' brought by messengers of hope, often in the name of Christ.

    We can enjoy the myths and the mystery, we can delight in amazing art, and we can give thanks for the work of real life Brides in our own time.