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  • More than the sum of the parts

    As my staycation draws towards its close (two days left!), I finally completed the jigsaw I bought as a holiday project.  With a lot of assistance from the kitties, it was finished this morning - the final hundred or so pieces of 'sky' keeping me occupied for several hours.

    I think the jigsaw is a wonderful metaphor in many ways, with all the sifting and sorting, fitting and puzzling.  And it takes a long time - this thousand piece puzzle has taken many, many hours, sometimes with quick progress, sometimes hardly an at all.  And then, when it's finished, and I sat back to admire it, Sophie decided she needed to do a few checks before taking a nap right in the centre of it.  Well, why not, a cat snoozing on a picture of cats.

    This past couple of weeks the River Clyde has been the 'stunt double' for the Tiber, the Seine, the Danube and the Vltava, as I pretended to visit various places around the world.  I baked a Dobos Torte (Hungarian) and Oggies (Welsh/Cornishpasties); I made spanikopita (Crete) and pea cakes (Malta).  Some of the baking was shared with others.  All sorts of bits and pieces that somehow came together to make a meaningful and enjoyable staycation. Definitely more than the sum of the parts.

    Now that we are once more allowed out of the city, I may venture further afield for the last couple of days, but I may also simply take a couple of days to rest - after all I have visited a lot of countries in the last fortnight!