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  • "Thank You LORD for This New Day"

    This morning I woke up to a sparkly dawn... frost on the groud, palest of pale blue sky and golden sunlight gleaming...





  • On the wearing of (ecclesiastical) purple...

    I saw a link to this today... it's very clever, funny, gracious and, well... go read! 

    HT Stephen Holmes via FB

  • Stuart Townend Talks to BMS about Hymnody

    There is an interesting podcast here by BMS and Stuart Townend.  What I like about his work is it that is decent hymnody, even if I don't always share the exact underlying theology.  Interesting that a BMS interview includes someone talking about their child's "christening" (so clearly not a Baptist then!) and very interesting to hear why people are so fond of "In Christ Alone".  Worth a listen - and very brave of various BMS folk with very 'normal' voices to be recorded singing unaccompanied and solo!!

  • Getting More Sheepish..

    Yesterday I revisited several of the shops we'd invited to adopt sheep, and contacted a few more possible homes.  Although I had a couple of refusals, the great news is that we now have homes for EIGHT sheep and the makings of a fantabulous trail.  Two more would make me happy, and four more would be, well, kind of Biblical really!

    A shepherdess went out to home her sheep.  She visited twelve carefully selected emporia to invite their participation.  Some immediately grasped the vision and signed up on the spot.  Some said 'no' quite volubly, quite gruffly, either there and then, or after lengthy circuitous correspondence.  Some hid behind 'company policy' whilst others exercised local autonomy.  So the shepherdess accepted the hospitality of the shop-keepers-of peace, shook dust from her feet as she left the doors of those who rejected the sheep, and went out in to the highways and by-ways, lanes and alleys in search of further friendly pastures...


    To be continued!

  • Wise Words...

    From David Kerrigan.... go read!  Here.