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  • Advent 3: John the Baptist and/or Gaudete Sunday

    adventwreath3.gifIt's been a very long day and I have no oomph left to post anything of any merit!

    This morning our Sunday School nativity was wonderful and this evening the Carol Service was splendid.

    It is also, for those following some schemes Gaudete Sunday - the Sunday of joy rather than seriousness. 

    I think we leant more to gaudete than anything else.  And I think that is good!


    (Thus spake Angel 3 and Alto 5!)


    God of joy,

    Thank you for this day

    For nativity plays and profound poems

    For ancient texts and new songs

    For the stern Baptiser who prepared the way

    And for the inbreaking delight of light overcomign dark


  • Second Week of Advent: Saturday

    two Catrionas.jpegI've just had a lovely day meeting children and carers who had completed our Christmas Sheep Trail and who joined in our 'Get in the Picture' event.  Lots of children colouring pictures, adults munching warm mince pies (donated by Greggs), lots of dressing up and lots of good conversations.

    Most people who came in were not connected with any church, yet they all loved the event and thanked us for organising it.  Many had photos taken.  More than a few were interested in other events we have coming up.

    So, nothing especially profound today, just some gratitude for the work God does...


    Did you slip in God,

    Wrapped against the winter's cold, clutching your answer sheet, in chubby fingers?

    Did you sit at a table, God,

    Supping tea and enjoying a warm mince pie (donated by the baker on the corner) and a few minutes stillness?

    Did you hand out prizes, God,

    Bringing a smile to the face of a child with s simple box of chocolate tree decorations (albeit telling your story!)

    Did you mop up spills, take photographs, make tea, dress actors?

    Did you cross our threshold unnoticed?

    And did we welcome you, as you, always, welcome us?


    God of Christmas, thank you for a day of love lived, faith expressed, and hope renewed


  • It's a Lot Like Christmas

    Reflective post to come later today.

    Decided last night to put up my Christmas tree - with all the elan* and aplomb* of a five year old never mind an almost fifty year old:


    Today is the Grand Finale of our Christmas Sheep Trail and I really hope despite the pouring rain people venture out with their children to claim their prizes and particpaite in our Get in the Picture event.

    I will leaving home very soon loaded with fairy lights, dressing up stuff and GSOH.

    It will be super fun.  if you are nearby do drop by...


    * Now that 'big' words are re-emerging in my brain it would be rude not to use them!!

  • Second Week of Advent: Friday

    Today as I have been posting daft photos and being busy preparing for Christmas events, news has unfolded of tragedy across the Atlantic.  Sometimes I think we forget that whilst the events recorded in the gospels were unfolding, the rest of the world carried on as normal, life and death, tragedy and triumph...

    A couple of things have come to mind, firstly the Jeremiah quoted by Matthew after the slaughter of the innocents

    This is what the LORD says: "A voice is heard in Ramah, mourning and great weeping, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because her children are no more."


    And this song, of which this is the least annoying recording I can find...


    Comfort your people, Lord

    Parents whose children have been slaughtered

    Children orphaned by human inhumanity


    Comfort your people, Lord

    And forgive us our complicity in injustice

    And our impotence in the face of evil


    Comfort us

    And give us new hope


  • Another Cartoon...

    Things that make you go 'hmmm....'

    two dads surrogate.jpg