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  • Wedding Wonders

    Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and in Scotland if they are "religious" they can take place anywhere witha postcode.  Since I've been here I have been involved in four marriages (three I conducted and one where I did the 'address'). Two were in churches, and very traditional, and really lovely, meaningful occasions.  One was in a cow shed and today's in a library.

    Every wedding is unique and special and today's was no exception. It was very small and intimate, in a beautiful library, some wonderful music and meaningful words.  Probably unusual to have a wedding in which those present included four ordained people, two (three?) university lecturers, four nationalities (or five, depending how you count UN nation states and all that jazz) and customs from most of them!


    It was a lovely occasion, and a real privilege to be part of it.

    Thank you L & G, and may God bless you with lasting love and fulfilment.

  • 40 Acts - Day 34

    Reducing our carbon footprint is important and as today includes 'earth hour' (which I forgot about becuase it's been a very long and busy day)  this one is highly appropriate

    Be honest, how lightly do you tread on the earth? Our lifestyle choices make up our carbon footprint and there’s merit in knowing whether we’re wearing dainty slippers or clod-hopping boots. This act is about taking the first steps in being generous to God’s creation.



    Flick the switch! It’s earth hour today, so make a point of unplugging everything – or perhaps just your lights – whenever you’re not using them.



    Using the ‘links we love’ for today, research ways to make more of a permanent impact on lowering your carbon footprint this Lent and beyond.


    GET CONCRETE: Make a commitment to something. It might be vowing not to use plastic bags again, or committing to offset any travel emissions from now on, or agreeing a carpooling plan.

  • 40 Acts - Day 33

    Posting this a day late seems deliciously ironic... I was indeed so busy yesterday that posting just didn't happen!

    “Busy” is nearly overtaking “Fine” as the standard response to “How are you?” There aren't enough hours in the day; you're rushed off your feet; you simply haven't got time. We're all a little guilty of making ourselves too busy. It’s probably high time we slowed down and refocused our energies on the people & things that matter. Spend today doing what someone else wants.


    Today’s act might come smack bang in the middle of one of those absolutely impossible-to-rejig days. No worries. Have a quick flick through your diary and find the next available date to make someone else a priority. Drop them a message to make it a date.


    I'VE GOT 15 MINUTES: A good amount of time to have a quick catch-up with somebody. Take a colleague for a coffee; get on the phone to that relative, and then set a date for a day dedicated to doing the stuff they love to do.


    I CAN FREE UP A WHOLE DAY: Brilliant. Go big: think hard about who you've really been overlooking lately, and make a fuss of them. Put that person at the centre of your day. Give them a choice of activities you know they’d like, and delight them with some quality time.

  • 40 Acts - Day 32

    Blowing someone's trumpet... if I did that more anyone I know they'd probably curl up and die of embarrassment; I'm fairly sure I would (even if secretly I was pleased to be mentioned).  And how do I choose one person rather than another?  Hmm.  And the third challenge, well I'm hardly going to do that publicly am I!!

    Oh dear, this one will need some careful thinking about...


    We’re turning bragging on its head. This act is about blowing someone else’s trumpet and telling others how great they are. It’s the generous antidote to gossip and criticism – talking up someone’s good points and letting others know what you appreciate about them. Think about who adds a spark to your life just by being uniquely them. Got someone in mind? Great, now go shout to the world about them.


    This one can be done in the simplest of ways and still have a huge impact. Declare their brilliance through a quick tweet, post a knockout photo of them in a (slightly) mushy instagram post, casually mention in conversation at work how brilliant another member of staff is. Simple but effective. #bestiebrag


    Maybe they would be perfect for an upcoming position at work or in church. Maybe they've achieved something recently that deserves to be publicly declared. If you can think of even the smallest specific reason why bragging about this person could lead to greater things, then don’t hold that information back.


    It's easy to spot ten ways in which your bestie is brilliant, but what about the people you find it a little harder to gel with? What's great about them? We can guarantee you can find something. Take time to really consider this, and then be as brave and bold as possible and let this person and those around them know.

  • Les Mis - the Epilogue...

    Using this beautiful tear-jerker in our final Lent study this evening.

    "To love another person is to see the face of God"