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  • BOGOF Ministers...

    So, here it is - two Revs, both women, both English, both Baptist, conducting a marriage service in Scotland.  That really is quite a rare event!

    Had a lovely time, R led a beautiful service, and A&A were an absolute delight.

  • Connections, connections!

    Today is an unusual day in many ways.

    Firstly, it's my sixth wedding of 2017, and the third in which I have an official role.  That's more weddings - of any type - than I've ever before had in the same year.

    More interestingly, it is one that has oodles of connections...

    I was approached by this couple, who belong to a Baptist church in Derby, because they are both Scots and wished to marry in Scotland.  They were put in touch with me as a 'tame' minister by their minister, who knew of me both via a mutual friend, and because one of my predecessors is also one of hers...  Then, by total fluke, we had a young woman come along to church last week whose home church is the church where said minister and mutual friend met... Proof, were it needed, of how small the world is.

    So today, I'm responsible for all the legality of the marriage in a service carefully crafted by my colleague in conversation with the couple, and it will be really lovely, and as unique as those taking part.

    Every blessing to A&A on your special day, and to R as she guides them through the ceremony.

  • Exhausted and Energised... and Excited

    So here's the thing - after a really enjoyable summer looking at 'heroes of faith' and a good fun series on 'animal, vegtable and mineral', I am exhausted.  Good job, then that after this weekend (which takes bonkers to a whole new level) I have a couple of easier weeks, and a free weekend in which I intend primarily to rest and be refreshed.

    And here's the other thing - after finally regaining my ability to devour books, and following some really 'sparky' meetings with others, I am feeling energised about the worship plans for this autumn, even knowing that they will result in a lot of extra work one way or another.

    So somewhere in the meld of exhausted and energised, I feel excited, encouraged and enthusiastic...

    All good... must go and start reading my latest pile of theology books!!