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Unto the third and fourth generations...?

Yesterday I was reading a history of the New Connexion General Baptists which explored the emergence, growth and decline of this movement prior to the union with the Particular Baptists.

Within the discussion, the author noted the difficulty of retaining subsequent generations within the movement and it got me wondering how many direct descendents of those Baptist 'giants' Spurgeon, Clifford, Taylor, Carey, Fuller, etc. (or even non-Baptist ones such as Wesley, Doddridge, Whitefield, etc.) are still actively involved in Christian churches.  I'm sure someone out there must have a clue.

Oh, and by the way I am a first generation Baptist!  If the theories are right, it is probably the "first generation" believers who keep the church alive as subsequent generations tend not to 'become' or 'remain' Christians.  Maybe this says something about our children's work and our attitude to mission?

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