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Nativity Plays - Many a true word...

This little poem was read over the phone to me by a friend in Warrington.  I then found it on the warrington-worldwide website.  Author unknown so alas cannot be acknowledged.  Enjoy!

Another Day...

It's another day in the stable,
Mary is picking her nose.
The angel's got impetigo,
It would seem that anything goes.

It's another day in the stable,
The donkey is having a scratch
His eczema's all irritated,
It's nothing the baby could catch.

Just another day in the stable,
Joseph's refusing to dress,
Unless he can turn out as Batman
We'll be under considerable stress.

Yet another day in the stable,
The shepherds are pulling their tongues.
I swear the baby doll winked at me -
Oh, I've been doing this job for too long.

A further day in the stable,
The spider's gone down with the 'flu,
We're a wise man short for the tableau,
Whatever are we going to do?

It's the penultimate day in the stable,
And not long before we sing,
Sophie the star has hysterics
And has twinkled on everything.

It's Christmas day in the stable,
And it's such a beautiful sight.
Jesus is here once again to show
It'll be all right on the night.

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