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New Verbs?!

I have just got back from my NAM conference with some new verbs - borrowed, invented and remembered.  So here they are: -

To Nicodemus: largely self evident, seemingly emerging from South Africa; the act of questioning, seeking by night, wondering and maybe even missing the point...

To Brian: see earlier post; to discover or make connections, particularly between people but also between ideas.

To Judith (usually passive, one is Judithed): courtesy of a colleague; to be taken at great speed and as a result feel exhausted

To SCamble (usually passive, one is SCambled): from my industry days, relating to one Mr S Campbell; to have one's faculties reduced to the consistency of scrambled egg (quite a poetic, almost onomatopaeoic verb)

This is is definitley not erudite, but a couple of days of Nicodemusing and Brianing, neither of which were Judithing or SCambling, provided a welcome change from routine.

PS I don't think I want to know how the verb 'to Catriona' might be defined!!

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