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Didn't we have a loverly time, the day we went to Denby!

OK, so you may be too young, or too cultured, to remember the awful song (by Fiddler's Dram?) I plagiarised for the title, but it seemed fitting for reflecting on the first outing we organised for our PLUS+ Club (senior citizens' mobile lunch club with a plus, referred to by Social Serivces as 'the wrinkly pub crawl club').

A lifetime of organising camps and outings for Girls' Brigade made this an absolute breeze!  We loaded up our 32 seniors from three pick up points and took a slightly scenic route to Denby.  After an hour and half's browsing in the shops, we enjoyed a two-course lunch and then a tour of the craftroom before another three quarters of an hour to spend more money in the shops!  The sun shone (pleasing those whose dodgy theology had allowed them to request it!) and a good time was had by all.

Thinking back over the day, it was a good mission initiative.  We had failed miserably to fill the coach from our club members (more on that in a minute) and had opened the invitation to friends at 'Dibley + 1 mile' Baptist Church, Age Concern and the WI!  This was great as it brought us into to contact with new people and we were able to share with them something of the ethos of PLUS+.  I also had the opportunity to chat to one of the guides in a similar vein.  Nothing heavy, just mentioned that as a church group we wanted to serve our local community and alleviate issues of social isolation among elderly folk.  All good stuff, and maybe a bit of 'seed sowing', who knows?

It was interesting reflecting on which of our members did and did not come on the trip.  We know that in each sheltered complex there is a good programme of social events, outing and holidays and that many of our folk are part of those networks.  But not those who came on the outing to Denby - we had picked up the waifs and strays, those with mild dementia, the gruff, the awkward and the unlovely who aren't part of the 'in crowd' who enjoy a good social life.  They came along, did their own thing and were embraced by the wider group.  This, too, is mission.

We ran at a loss, we came home exhausted but happy.  People were asking when the next trip would be and where to (Dobbies World in June!) and I do believe that a smile was discernible on the face of God.

Didn't we have a loverly time, the day we went to Denby?  A beautiful day, we met God on the way, and all for £15 you know!  On the way back we shared a good chat, and talked about the next trip, finding the Lord in our senior friends as the wheels went round!




  • How about... "The wheels on the bus go round and round" as an alternative title, or "The grannies on the bus go yatter, yatter, yatter."

    I hope the waifs and strays don't read your blog... (cheeky grin).

  • So do I, Graham, so do I! (regarding waifs and strays)

    What does the Baptist minister on the bus do?!

  • The minister on the bus hides from the treasurer, from the treasurer.

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