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Quotable Quotes

The old grey matter has been churning around and spitting out quotes, some of which I have forgotten the true origins of but which, in their own way, have influenced my thinking

1981, Jim Stewart, Nuclear Engineering student (year above me) & member of college C.U. 'which heresy do you follow?'

2004, speaker with forgotten name, Christian Praise, Leicester 'suddenly I realised that God might not like my theology'

2003, in a Stanley Hauerwaus book and possibly quoting someone else 'if nothing's worth dying for, in the end you die for nothing.'

Many of the C.U. members considered I was too liberal to be admitted to membership, but Jim seemed to be onto something important.  Whilst my theology is honestly held and open to review, there are parts where it would actually be nice to think that God disagreed!  I have many strong opinions, but would I die for them...?  It all lends a helpful perspective to the things we get het up about and squabble over.

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