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Unexpected Acts of Generosity

In this cynical old world of ours there are, it seems, still people who can stun us with their generosity.

With the demise of my old Rover 100 (Metro by any other name) I advertised her (it to the cynics) on Ebay and was amazed by the price she fetched.  Today the buyer sent me an email returning her to me with a request that I sell her for charity.  Having checked out that the buyer's account had not been hacked into, I have accepted my little car backand will be advertising her again in a day or two.

I doubt the buyer will read this unless he/she happens to spend time trawling around miscellaneous blogs.

Out of my selling price I had alreay decided to give a proprotion to charity and sent a day's tractor hire overseas via World Vision.  Alex, when your name comes up in the great hereafter I feel sure your Ebay generosity will be recalled (Matt 25) and as for me, well you've brightened my day and offered hope to people neither of us will ever know.  Thank you

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