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The Patron Saint of Decrepit Buildings

You will probably only understand this if you have read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy stories but I am beginning to wonder if I am the incarnate patron saint of decrepit buildings...  (I could not be their goddess as that would be an even bigger theological hurdle!).

When I lived in Manchester the roof collapsed in part, and my neighbours and I were plagued with mice, mildew and many other pestilences.

When I moved to Dibley the church building failed its gas, electrical and just about everything else inspections - wet rot, dry rot, rising damp, penetrating damp you name it, it had it

Today the people came to treat the woodworm in the manse roof - and the ceiling fell in...

I rest my case, St Catherine de Crepit (aka Catriona of Dibley) must be patron saint of, well, kn*ered buildings!!

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