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Water Springing Up!

No, nothing theological, just a burst water pipe in the road outside my house causing water to spray up out of the pavement. 

Severn Trent emergency people said they'd send someone to look at it within the next 24 hours and asked if it was a large or small leak!  The answer, of course, depends on your definition of large/small.  By domestic standards it was pretty big, by industrial standards - well perhaps not.  Still, at least I met new people who knocked on my door to ask if I knew about it!

Silly me, I thought we were short of water and needed to conserve it, not allow it to gush up through the path and be wasted for hours on end.  After around 8 hours it seems to have been sorted - but that's a heck of a lot of water wasted in the meantime.  In this meantime something like 2000 people in developing nations have died due to lack of access to clean water - sobering.

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