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Tis the season to be corny...

My little sister who is learning to be a URC minister in Cambridge (and tells me how many ex-Baptist tutors she has who 'saw the light', hurumph) frequently rings me to ask for books she might read for her essays on anything from Kingdom parables through child faith development to theologies of communion (on this, however, her view is perfectly sound, good ordinance theologian that she is, though I had to tell her what one was!).  I find this mildly amusing since she already has more theology degrees than I do.  Anyway, she also tells me that for the Christmas revue she will be offering an exegesis of the Hokey Cokey!!!  This reminded me of some of the bizarre things we had done at college, and the two of us had a merry few minutes recalling and singing down the phone such delights as...

'Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer' to the tune of 'Soldiers of Christ arise'

'Amazing Grace' to the tune of 'Nelly the Elephant'

The Doxology (praise God from whom all blessings flow) to 'Hernando's Hideway'

Oh, yes, and the valiant attempt the Greek class I was part of to sing 'I do like to be deside the seaside' in what my sister rather disparagingly terms 'Wenhamese.'  Just because she reads Greek and Hebrew!

So, as the season of mellow corniness approaches apace, any other recollections?

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