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Easily Pleased?

Maybe I am easily pleased, I do not know, but I am feeling happy this morning having just ordred some shiny new books from Amazon.  Well, actually slightly grubby secondhand books from Amazon market place, but the feel is still good!

This week I had an intial meeting with one of my prof. doc. supervisors and am looking forward to meeting the other tomorrow.  The first meeting was good - productive and enjoyable (I promised I'd say something nice ;-) ) and I came away feeling clearer about the way ahead with this year's work.

Since then I have spent all of about 2 hours playing with library catalogues, 'Athens' to access journals and yummy Amazon to find books to buy.  I am a happy person, waiting for the postie to bring my books and lots of interesting reading ahead.

And now that my PC is fully upgraded, and Norton 2007 finally behaving properly, my next thrilling task is to investigate the 'Endnote' software which allegedly makes doing bibilographies a breeze...


  • Oooh Endnote, let me know how you get on, I like the idea. Glad the supervision went well.

  • Check out RefWorks, too. It is web-based and offers a number of advantages over EndNote. It is also free at many institutions.

  • Update: -

    I have downloaded the free-trial version of EndNote and it is dead easy to use, plus you can do direct citing into Word and use it for pictures, charts etc.

    I have worked through the 'guided tour' which covers the main features but would want to play a little more before deciding to buy it as I am note yet sure how much time it saves in the long run - maybe it depends you many million items you have in your bibliography?! Oh yes, if you happen to turn into a creationist, don't use the 'guided tour' or it will offend your theology!

    I will have a look at RefWorks - and see if Manchester offer/approve it, though so far they've kept saying 'EndNote'

  • Hi Catriona

    I am sure if you ask him nicely that your prof doc supervisor may also help you out with using EndNote, which from memory he has been using for the last 5 years. It needs some front loaded work - entering data etc. and don't just assume that refs downloaded from libraries etc. are in the form you need them (i get a bit nerdy about such things) - but in the long run a big time saver.

  • Me, do 'nice' twice in one week...? Thank you, I may well take you upon the offer, after I've played with it first of course.

    I can do 'nerdy' too, and had already noted that the default formats don't seem to match Manchester's requirements, so would need to play a bit to sort that out. That and write a very nice letter to Father Christmas given the cost of said software.

    After two excellent supervisions in one week, a big pile of books to read/find/buy and some software to play with, I am definitely feeling pleased.

  • I use wikindex for bibliographies. Its fantastic, not only that you can share your books with everyone else using the same system. I have an online version you are welcome to use.


    You enter your book details and then you can create custom bibliographies, generated in the style that you prof wants. It's great and its FREE!!! I have the database backed up every night and e.mailed to a secure and massive e.mail account. there is little chance of any data loss.

    Don't Pay for software when you can get it free! Check out the alternatives first, you could spend the money on the books!!!

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