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Any (Helpful) Christian Perspectives on Hynotherapy?

This blogging as seeking input!

I have recently been asked about Christian perspectives on hypnotherapy by someone who has looked on the web and is confused.  Having just done so, I guess I'd say 'me three' (too).  There is some whacky stuff, some that seems fairly sane, some pro, some anti...  So, does anyone who reads this drivel have any sensible suggestions?  Please don't tell me either that its demonic or that it doesn't need any thinking about, since neither will wash.  Not that my mind is closed or I'm blinkered or anything!  Just trying to find a balanced viewpoint in the murky middle ground I inhabit!


  • Hello fellow blogger,
    I can give my views on hypnosis and they are

    There is nothing mystical or strange about hypnosis in itself. It is merely a different state of consciousness or a trance like state. Humans have many different states of consciousness. Between sleep and awake there are 7 discerible states.

    Over the years humans have found many ways induce such 'trance' like states from focusing on a watch swinging in front of your face, to not eating anything for three days to spending hours doing a repetitive chant, to using some kind of drug. All these do is put the person into a different level of consciousness.

    However what has also happened over the years is groups, weather they be mystical, spiritual, demonic or otherwise have seized on 'hypnosis' and used it for their own goals. The leader(s) can then claim some form of power over the follows because they can put them into a 'trance' and then you can build up the leader - follower relationship which can be exploited in some way.

    So my views are that there is nothing odd about hypnosis or bad about it in itself. And, over the years some groups have used it for manipulation of some kind.


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