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One Hundred Years from Now...

Apparently, according to BBC radio, today in the House of Commons one MP, I think Gordon Brown, stood up and as part of what he said told members (and presumably the public) who they should vote to be evicted from the Big Brother House.

In 100 years time, someone will be reading Hansard and, rightly, wonder if we had really and trully lost the plot.

I have not watched the programme this time (never did watch the celebrity versions anyway) but it is a sad endictment on our culture when it seems blatant racism makes prime time TV and the government feels the way to handle it is to tell us who to vote out, thereby boosting someone's profits.  Meanwhile issues of justice, peace and truth don't even make the leader columns in the press.  Ah me. 


  • No, in 100 years time we will be putting politicians in a house and voting them off one by one until we decide on the new Prime Minister (Sponsered by Vodaphone) and we will look back at our system now with amusement at how we could have been so old fashioned.

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