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Obsolete or Not?

I have a nice little HP3200C flatbed scanner that I purchased for £2 on Ebay to replace my defunct 8 year-old model. The only problem was that the XP driver downloaded from HP's site doesn't have 'logo testing' and my IT skills are not up to fixing XP if it got broken by the scanner driver.  So I bought another secondhand scanner - and still less than buying new - that does meet the needs and is now serving me well.  As a result I have a lovely little scanner available free to good home.

If using a PC you need to be operating under Windows 98/2000/NT; if MAC you'd need to download a driver or see if there is one in your standard options.

You need a parallel port on your computer - that's the big one with pins/pin holes that can also take a printer.  Some more recent laptops evidently don't have them; steam driven desk models should.

The scanner comes with power pack, one parallel lead and CD.  Youi can link a printer to it via a parallel port, so it isn't either/or but both/and.  Set up is pretty obvious/intuitive.

So, the criteria for getting it are...

  • You need to be able to collect it or be somewhere I can drop off without making an (extra-)special trip (postage would be more than I paid for it so not economic sense)
  • Make a good case why I should choose you (so it helps if I know you!) e.g. poverty, community work, children's/youth work, HMF church and don't have a scanner... you get my drift
  • It helps if your case is entertaining to read!

'Bid' by comment no later than noon Dibley Standard Time (aka GMT) on Saturday 27th January 2007.


  • If all else fails, try Freecycle - sort of eBay without the prices. I shifted plenty of unsaleable stuff from my late mother's place through this - the kind of furniture / household goods which are too good to junk but too used to have any real sale value.

  • Well, it seems that this little scanner may be obsolete, at least among the blogging community.

    Thanks Martin, I will give freecycle a go now and see if it can find a good home.

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