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medium_donkey_shrek.jpgmedium_eeyore.jpgNext Sunday I have services at Center Parcs (morning) and home (afternoon) which are loosely based on some Scripture Union material from their resource book Easter Cracked.

The talky bit is meant to divide into two parts - who was there at the first Palm Sunday, and who is at this Palm Sunday.  In each case three "groups" are identified...

  • Donkey
  • Disciples
  • Crowd

This got me thinking a bit about the characteristics of each group, and in particular about donkeys.  The SU theme is a nice neat 'service' motif but I felt that was not terribly inspiring.  What about the untried/unbroken state of the colt?  What about the reputation of donkeys (and mules) as stubborn?  Was there mileage in these?

Someone I mentioned this too, said, "hmm what about Donkey in Shrek?"  Good point!  What about Eeyore too?  I am, I think, looking forward to a slightly playful service in which these characters will make cameo appearances as we ponder something of what Palm Sunday says to us in 2007.  Watch this space!

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