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Is that so...?

This is what I heard said on Sunday evening (i.e. it is a recollection, an interpretation, not a quotation): 'if you are in the place God wants you, you will be happy.'

What do you think?!


  • I think it's twaddle (and I've toned down my language in respect of your distinguished blog).

  • You did hear right. I agree with Kez. But the reason you are supposed to be happy is that the rest of the world is 'in darkness' and all but 6% have rejected God. So that's all right then.

  • Well that's three of us ruled out from a certain post we wouldn't aspire to anyway! As to the all but 6%, the person sitting next to me (one before me in the on stage queue, and almost of this parish) tapped into his PDA '...has rejected God - er no.'

  • I'm sure its a comment that the speaker would want to revise or explain more clearly on reflection. If I said that I find 'happy' a bit of untheological word, is that ok? I know some bible translations translate the beatitudes as 'happy are those', but I don't think Jesus had in mind the kind of happiness we understand there, why 'blessed' is a better word.

  • Andy, I am sure you are right - and I'm sure I could regularly be picked up on words I use carelessly. Happy is definitely not a helpful word, and if I wanted to get all biblicist, not withstanding jusitifiable translations of makarios, in case Sean is reading, I don't see 'happy' as something that emerges from faith (e.g. it's not in the Galatians 5 listing).

    Maybe there is also something about what we mean by 'place' which I heard/understood, at least in part, as geographical location not a spiritual reference. I guess the fact is that I believe I am 'in the place' where God wants me at the moment, but 'happy' is not part of the deal. (This doesn't mean I subscribe to the theology that says God will send you where you least want to go!)

    For the record, the Matt 28 passage is one of my 'special' readings and the themes of obedience, worship and mission are ones I endorse and aspire to.

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