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Pentecost Part I

Well it stayed dry - until literally the moment I pulled on to my drive at about 5:30 when it began to drizzle and then to rain.  Since then I have unpacked, cleaned and put away the things from the car, counted the money from the stalls, checked the stock for returning to the shops and finally plonked myself by the PC before I crawl to bed after the second of three insanely busy days!

It went well, I have to say, even if less people came than last year (but it was a lot cooler and this time coincided with the Bank Holiday).  I'd guess we had about 100 guests and about 25 stallholders/volunteers.  We managed to erect a dozen or so tents/gazebos and get them all laid out looking superb by 1p.m. (we began at 9 a.m.) and people started to arrive before the designated 1:30 start.  Apparently the local MP came but he obviously did not want to get his face painted!  However, he did spend money at the Fairtrade stall and chat to a few folk.

It was a good day.  People were genuinely touched that we weren't charging for most activities and certainly a lot of young families came along and stayed all afternoon.  We sold about £250 worth of Fairtrade stuff and took about £30 on the Christian tat stall, so people certainly spent some money.

My slight disappointment, but not surprise, was the absence of support from the parish church.  The vicar from St Smells & Bells (which closes soon, and he moves to another parish) came and helped us pitch tents and returned with his grandson for a bit in the afternon, but from 'The Parish' only the vicar came along briefly and he spent most of his time talking to some from the County Council.  I feel that they missed out on a great opportunity and that what is now starting to happen is that the Baptist and Methodist churches are working together almost despite them.

It is looking likely that tomorrow's service will be at the Methodist church (Plan C) as the rain has set in and no one thinks the 'Great Hall' is sufficiently 'great' to hold us!

The good news - I think - is that the Methodists are already talking about next year...

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