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Disappearing under Literature

medium_big_pile_of_books.jpgThis picture is how I feel, even if I bear no resemblance (beyond the glasses) to the person in it.

Writing my literature review is taking way longer than I feared and I now need to make some 'swingeing cuts' to get anywhere near the word limit.

I guess my problem is that I have only two ways of expressing myself (i) consise (ii) extremely and unashamedly verbose.  I could write the whole thing in a dozen sentences or I could write it in an epic.  In between is tricky.

So, I'm going to be a good girl and try to take a break from blogging until I have a complete draft - course I might need a distraction now and then... 


  • Try writing the dozen sentences to use as your (mental) headings and then allowing yourself a limit of X words underneath each. Add additional sentences one at a time till you get there. Then figure out what essential stuff you missed and start substituting exisitng sentences for it.

    Hope that makes sense. It's the best description I can give of something that works for me.

    Sounds like you had a great Pentecost weekend - it was worth it even if you end up essaying into the early hours!

  • Hi Elaine, yes it does make sense. Why did no one suggest this to me years ago.... or am I just really, really, thick?!

    I do have an essay plan with word limits allocated but I'm not so good at keeping to them!

    I think I am probably still too "industrial" in my essay style - after 15+ years of having to write down every step, justify every comma, etc. it is difficult not so to do. Maybe part of my big challenge is re-learning how to write essays?!

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