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More Technological Tales!

Yesterday we used the new BUGB DVD in the service.  Technology triumphed once again in causing confusion.

Using Media Player we had no problem showing the image on three screens simultaneously (pace all those who say you can't, maybe it depends on versions and how the DVD is set up?) but no sound because the laptop had its sound muted and its owner (who hadn't arrived in time to check it out first) didn't know how to unmute it.  Hey ho.  Ever tried to lip synch with Jonathan Edwards or John Bayes?!!!  I'm glad my people are accommodating.


  • We had exactly this experience a couple of years ago when we naughtily took a (work) laptop on holiday with us to play DVDs on, so as to amuse the kids when they insisted on getting up at 6am. After the first morning, it had no sound. We spent the rest of the holiday trying every software-related trick we could think of to turn the sound back on. After the holidays, husband took it to work and logged the problem with the IT department, who did the same, to no avail. It was a good 3 months later that we accidentally discovered the very discreet wheel thingy on the side, which miraculously restored sound after the judicious application of a thumb............

    We also spent almost an entire service once trying to get the data projector to project from someone else's laptop. Pictures appeared for a millisecond on booting up and then were never seen again - last time we decided to play it safe and use hard copies of Mission Praise. It was surprising how taken aback people were at having to look up their own words.

    Technology is just great, isn' it?????

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