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A Liturgy for a Deacons' Meeting

I'm not a big fan of printed liturgy, too often I find that there is, for me, too much congregational response that goes through the mouths without touching the hearts (a but like the old definition of a lecture as the means to transfer information from the lecturer's notes to the students' notes without it passing through the minds of either).  At the same time, I am a big fan of well ordered worship, and tend to do what Patterns and Prayers used to call 'prepared extempore' i.e. I write it for single use.  For all that, every now and then, when I am tired, I do make use of printed liturgies for private devotions because if I don't have the energy to do it myself, someone gives me a structure to work through.

Tonight we have a Deacons' Meeting.  We are all tired (though at least one will deny it!) and church life is quite demanding.  It seemed right to find some form of liturgy that would mark a change in focus, would slow us down a bit, and remind us that God is in the chaos.

I'm not the world's greatest liturgist, but I offer this as a possible starting point for other exhausted ministers who wake up thinking 'rats, I need to sort to devotions for tonight's meeting and I've fifty million things to do today.'



  • Thanks for sharing this, it is excellent - I have saved it and shall undoubtedly use it at some point.

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