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Church Health - Healthy Churches: UK/USA

A late night blog trawl and I saw something that sounded like I ought to have read it - a reference to What is a Healthy Church? a USA publication that picks up 'nine marks of a healthy church' as follows: -

  1. Expositional preaching
  2. Biblical theology
  3. Biblical understanding of the Good News
  4. Biblical understanding of conversion
  5. Biblical understanding of evangelism
  6. Biblical understadning of Church Membership 
  7. Biblical church discipline
  8. Promotion of Christian Discipleship and growth (one for you Kez?)
  9. Biblical Church leadership

I have no idea what the book actually says, but these 'marks' sound somewhat different from those in the UK published  Healthy Churches Handbook which are as follows: -

  1. Energised by faith
  2. Outward looking focus
  3. Seeks to find out what God wants
  4. Faces the cost of change and growth
  5. Operates as a community 
  6. Makes room for all
  7. Does a few things and does them well

I know which set I prefer, and it's not American!  So I don't think I'll feel too bad about not having read this imminent new work or its predecessors in time to write about it. 


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