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If the Bible was submitted for University Assessment...

... it would not get very good marks for presentation.

Ok, this is not orginal, someone else will have done it so much better, somewhere else, but I am too bog-eyed from proof-reading to look.

Neither Paul nor Jesus (as recorded) give references, simply asserting 'it is written.'  Of the few references supplied in the New Testament one of them (I can't remember where, but "it is written") is blatantly to the wrong prophet.  I'll let them off publication houses and page numbers - a tad tricky with a hand written scroll...

Paul in one of his letters (Romans?) manages to submit an incomplete sentence - long, complex, even erudite but... 

Mark's Greek is almost as bad as mine, he muddles tenses and clearly did not have a 'proficiency in Koine Greek' certificate before he registered.

Any others?

I think this is proof I need to lie down in a darkened room!!


  • A friend got poor marks for a videoed service, as he said he "got caught up by the Spirit" for ten minutes in he middle of his sermon.

    I suggested his tutor probably felt reluctant to assess the work of the Holy Spirit (would this count as plagiarism?)

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