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OT Commentaries?

I am contemplating an autumn sermon series on Habakkuk on the basis I do not know this book at all and recently I have heard several people quote from it - including one person who felt the need, in their prayers, to remind God what Habakkuk said.  Anyway, as I don't know the book, I also don't have any commentaries on it, though I do have one or two more generally on the 'minor prophets' and a few of the ubiquitous whole Bible in a thousand pages variety.

Anyone help?


  • I only have minor prophets one too but I really like Elizabeth Achtmeier's one: Preaching from the Minor Prophets which I have found very helpful for preaching..Eerdmans 0-8028-4370-0

  • Thanks Julie, that is one of the those I do have, and have used as a starting point for preaching on other 'minor prophets' alongside more specific commentaries. I'll have a look at its Habakkuk stuff.

  • Catriona, The best thing on habakkuk I've used is Donald Gowan, The Triumph of Faith in Habakkuk. No longer in print and costing an arm and leg on Amazon. Do you want to borrow? Happy to post it to you and you can return it once you've also been blessed? Email me if you're interested. Keep on blogging - and glad you got handshaked!


  • Hi Jim,
    Thank you, that would be great. And I can always sell a few limbs to purchase it from Amazon afterwards!

    I guess you will need contact details for the real world. Do you have a BUGB directory? I am four after you on page 243 og the lurid green 2007 edition. If not, since I am averse to posting my address or email for the world to see, I could send you some postage, along with an address label, to the college. Let me know what you think.

  • Noo Catriona. Dinnae fash yersel wi' postage stamps. Geez a wee while tae parcel up the bookie an' we'll send it doon in plenty time.

    Which being translated means - I'll get this organised and posted as soon as possible. I'm off on holiday in a couple of days and not in College - but will do it before I go.

    best wishes - and blessings tomorrow (Sunday),


  • Thanks Jim.

    Btw my Glaswegian isn't tae bad as my mother spent most of her childhood is Glasgae as has lapses, especially when she's on the phone or cross! Probably also why she has four offspring with Scottish names.

    Have a great holiday, blessed with R&R (and a break from blogging!)

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