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  • A little bit of nonsense

    I don't know why. but for some reason yesterday I found myself recalling a rather daft game we used to play at work about 10 yeasr ago, and wondering if it could be applied to churches...

    It was the Native American Name Game - probably totally non-PC but it kept us amused in the more boring moments of daily life.  I suspect it emerged fromthe title of the film Dances with Wolves becuase it involved identfying a verb and an object associated with individuls.

    For example, one of my colleagues was a bit of an exercise junkie and went to the gym every lunchtime.  He also brought a carrot in his packed lunch every day.  So he became Exercises with a Carrot.

    Another colleague was a heavy smoker and had an inflatable Mr Blobby as a kind of mascot, so he was Smokes with Mr Blobby.

    They never told me what they named me, but perhaps these days it'd be Blogs with a Mug of Tea (since despite the title of this blog I'm more of a tea drinker and there's usually a half drunk mug sitting in my office).

    For another, unexplained, reason I found myself thinking about churches mission statements and one I came across several years backthat said 'we seek to be purpose driven in a balance fashion.'  Sounds impressive but I'm not sure what it means!

    Sohow about combining the name game with the church's statements?  What one verb and one object sum up a congregation?

    "Recalls glory days with a green hymnbook?"

    "Talks about mission with Powerpoint?"

    "Prays with a cup of tea?"

    "Seeks trade justice with kitkats?"


    I'm not letting on which churches these might relate to but they are not totally imaginary.  As for dear old Dibley... "Keeps on keeping on with a mad woman minister" I suspect.

  • Only in America...

    Check this out... where else could you have a degree in the things you surely ought to have learned at home?  And is there a parallel programme for men?  A degree in being a vicar's wife - now there's an idea (not)!

    PS You may need to follow the threads on the Sheri Klouda situation to make full sense of this.

  • Galadriel Moltmann?

    It seems to be the season of Quiz Farm quizzes again.  Which LOR character are youWhich theologian are you?  Seemingly I am Galadriel and Moltmann - I'm happy with these.  So if I ever need an alias, this could make a rather impressive sounding name, don't you think?