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This is a man's world...

I'm not very good at being feminist about things.  In 15+ years in the world of science and industry it, by and large, didn't matter that I was female so long as I could do the job.  Granted, I sometimes got phone calls from people who didn't know me who assumed I was Mr Gorton's secretary and usually ended up pouring the tea at meetings (cos the blokes couldn't work the airpots) but it wasn't really an issue.

So when I started studying theology and came across feminist stuff I was wary, not least of the aggressive anti-maleness I encountered in some quarters.  By engaging with it, I learned a lot, and found I saw things I'd never before noticed.

This week we start the rehearsals for the GB Christmas show (oh joy!) and I have been looking over the script.  Once again the lead part is male - last year it was a little boy called Luke  (so I re-wrote it as a girl called Lucy) and this year a male donkey called Alfie (who will undergo gender reassigment to become Alice by tonight).  Now I know these things are written for mixed classes, and there need to be parts for both boys and girls, but why is it that the best parts always go to the boys?  Even in recpetion class there is a subtle message that 'this is a man's world' - usually perpetuated by female play writers - this seems to need to be challenged.  Or have I turned into a rampant feminist and just not noticed?


(Mind you at least I'm not faced with trying to persuade some unfortunate lad to play the part of Mary....)


  • Why does the devil/man get all the best music/parts!

    As it was, and is and shall be evermore

    Not that I am a cynic or have given up the battle but when the BU site as a non-exclusive verse of the day yesterday was all about brothers..I do sometimes wonder if its worth it!

  • I used to make a point of pouring the tea in meetings (usually spilling some in the saucer in the process). Unless of course all my senior managers were blokes, in which case I gave the pot to the Borough Engineer.

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