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Grace Growers

Another buzz phrase from today's events in Didcot.

When I had a real job, several people I know had a little A4 poster on their notice boards that said "every day I have to add to the list of people who p*** me off" then a space to add 'today's names' and 'permanently p***ed off by...'

Such people were referred to today as grace growers - those people who come into our lives in order to help us grow in grace.  It's certainly a more constructive way of looking at it...

Every day certain people help me to grow in grace...

Today's grace growers are...

The long term grace growers are...


What d'you reckon?  How have I helped you grow in grace?! ;-)


  • NEVER! ;-)

  • Very Feuerbachian. Well done! It's going on my wall if I can find some space.


  • Serves me right for trying to be erudite. I've just looked up Feuerbach to make sure I'd got the right spelling (sad or what?) and my 28-years-ago course on Marxist philosophy seems to have been wrong or too simplistic about Mr F's technique of inverting commonly held maxims to arrive at the truth. Allegedly that's how Marx framed his views on religion (and how Mary came up with the Magnificat? No, that can't be right!)

    I'll still find some wall space for your inverted offering though.

  • But everyone knows Mary got it from the BCP...!

    Someone recently told me they honestly believed it came from the BCP not the Bible until comparatively recently. Scary or what? But no more so than the bits of UK law people think are in the Bible I guess.

  • Like not wantonly beating your carpet in the street to the annoyance of your neighbours after 8am, for instance. That's in Deuteronomy as well as the Town Police Clausres Act 1847, isn't it?

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