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Henry Wheeler Robinson on Denominational History

This morning in a moment of madness, I decided to start writing my paper for the BHS Conference/University of Manchester.  I have about 500 words, none of which I like very much (though the quotes are good!) but at least it's a start.  I particularly like three articles by Henry Wheeler Robinson in early editions of Baptist Quarterly that say stuff I want to say, only better, and 80 years ago.  The good thing is it gives me a peg to hang my arguments on of 'renewing the vision'

Here is a lovely bit from BQ 2 p112, which ends a discussion on the importance of denominational history

"Other values of denominational history... I must not dwell upon - the correction of sweeping generalizations, repeated from book to book, the illumination of the general historical background of the age, the way in which some incident of the past becomes a symbol and apt expressing of permanent truth, like John Robinson's famous word about the more light and truth from the Bible.  But I think the responsibility lies on all who are concerned for the study of our denominational history to convince men of the value of that study by their own use of it, in something more than a merely antiquarian interest."

H Wheeler Robinson The Value of Denominational History, Baptist Quarterly 2 (1924-25):100-112

In highly technical speak 'Yay!' 

If the BHS can convince people of the value of studying denominational history by the use to which it is put - in more than merely antiquarian ways but instead as a resource to aid theological reflection on the health of the church - then this vision will not simply be renewed but revitalised.  And if I can actually manage to say this in a non-boring way in my paper, I will be well pleased!

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