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Hired, Fired, Tired or Inspired?

So, Vision Day Part Deux is done - I have a sore throat, sore feet and am ready to rest, but still have to type up the outcomes for circulation and approval...

We began the day with one of those daft exercises where you compare your church to other things and say why.

If Dibley BC was a colour it would be...

red because it's warm

blue because it's calm

grey with yellow spots because there are glimpses of it being on fire for Jesus (whatever that means!)


If Dibley BC was a TV programme it would be...

The Apprentice - because Catriona keeps setting us challenges

Ready. Steady , Cook because we do an awful lot of catering


If Dibley BC was an animal it would be...

A donkey, or a camel: designed by committee, beast of burden

A cat - soft and friendly


So there you have it - and for the remainder of the day I tried to make Alan Sugar jokes...


At the end of the day we set objectives under four headings

  • Spiritual
  • Administration
  • Premises
  • Community


It's not fair to the church to tell the world what we decided; suffice it to say no one wanted to be in the group handling admin.  In the end four people were allocated to the group and struggled to come up with anything concrete but we did eventually develop some sort of objective to take forward.

Only 16 people came along to the day, but they worked hard, laughed, cried, got cross, got over it, shared food and worshipped together.  I think we 'did church' today.  No one got fired, everyone got tired and I hope we were at least in some small measure inspired.  (And, for the record, the place where we met was hired!)


  • What jokes like:
    - "That was blaady awful"
    - "You lost me money"
    - "It was a disgrace".

    There the ones that make me laugh most! But ... probably not appropriate.

  • LOL. Despite being a southerner, I can't do the accent and if I'd said the first I'd probably have got fired!

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