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Ascension & Assembly

Tonight was our Churches almost Together Ascension Day not quite Communion service.  I think there were ten of us - 7 Methodists and 3 Baptists.  The Meths as hosts had failed to prepare for Communion so we used the liturgy as far as the peace then stopped - a tad odd but there you go.  I was preaching - or at least talking, it didn't feel much like preaching - and explored the roller coaster ride the disicples had been through in the couple of months since Palm Sunday and some of the silences/gaps we have in the record.  I then related it to the roller coaster rides of our own life experiences.  Not sure how much sense it made, but one person said it had made him ponder afresh the horror of seeing the dead Jesus taken down from the cross, and how awful it must have been to witness the nails being pulled out of his lifeless hands and feet...

And of course on the topic of Roller Coasters, tomorrow along with around 2000 other Baptists, I'm going to Blackpool, home of the tallest roller coaster in Europe.  I won't be riding it, indeed, I have no intention of going anywhere the Pleasure Beach whilst I'm up there.  I am looking forward to catching up with some friends and generally spending some time chilling out.  I can't say there's much in the programme that 'grabs' me and I'm disappointed that we've reverted to the big morning Bible study rather than choosing from a range as we did last year (though I'll probably go to the Prism one as it's more Bible study and less very long sermon).  But, for all its faults, and all my failings, I do enjoy being in a big Baptist jamboree - just please, please don't let's sing 'these are the days of Elijah' this year!

I'll be staying at the Norbrek so at least I can roll out of bed and into the sessions without the need for a 20 minute brisk walk along the prom! 

Hope to see some other Blogging Baptists!


  • Hi Catriona!

    I too hope that we don't sing, 'These are the days of Elijah', although I confess to having a whole list of songs I hope we don't sing. I think I'll be disapointed however.

    See you there!


  • see you there. I make no comment on songs ... See you in Prism.

  • See you there. Did you not like walking onto stage last year singing these are the days of Elijah - then?!? Songs to avaoid this year are...................

  • First time I went to Blackpool, my Dad paid for myself & Bob to go on the rollercoaster. It was a long straight climb [full of doubts about the wisdom of doing it all] followed by terrifying twists and turns, highs and lows and a mixture of emotions. I survived, because I prayed like mad, hung on to my spouse, and knew my Dad was watching and would be there at the end of the ride. As I told our church-based student just last night, I believe this is a picture of Baptist ministry - a steady straight uphill climb through the college years [with doubts], and then an amazing ride of highs, lows, and unexpected moments - and that the key is pray like mad, hang on to those dear to you, and know your Father is watching over you and will be there at the end of the ride!

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