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Baptist Assembly should not be taken toooooooo seriously, so here are some more flippant observations/questions....

In how many Christian traditions would someone lead worship wearing flip flops? (Go Simon....)

In how many Christian traditions would the (male) head of ministries be seen in a barbie pink jumper, (let alone look good in it)?  (Go Paul...)

Why was Alistair Brown standing on a trolley being pulled along by Phil Jump on the last morning?  Was this a case of buggy envy? (Jonathan Edwards using a buggy due to recent surgery)

Why do Baptists suddenly become ridiculously polite when you get 2000 of them in one place?

Why do non-Baptist speakers always feel the need to tell us how/why they are really Baptists or even more Baptist than we are?

How did Jonathan know that the 400 non-Assembly people who went to the outreach event were non-Christians?

Why does it always take three days for conference venues to learn how to serve 2000 cups of tea/coffee at morning break?

How many rashers of bacon did those of us who stayed at the Norbrek consume?

Why was the bar full of beer drinking Baptists who will go home to feigned abstinence at least on church premises...?!

(And why have I nothing better to do this morning than ask daft questions?) 


  • I hesitate to suggest that the bar was full because the entertainment was just so wonderfully good...

  • You talk about baptists consuming large quantities of beer, I want to know why so much wine was drunk at 10am in the Prism communion service - there was barely any left for our after hours party!
    I agree that next year the bloggers ought to get a chance to put faces to names.

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