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In search of hymn words...

This is a secondhand plea for help!

A friend of mine has rung to ask if I have a version of 'Spirit of God unseen as the wind' with more verses than (or different verses from) that in BPW/Sing to God/Mission Praise/Common Ground etc.

I have the Margaret Old version several times over and have found a version with two different verses by someone called Richard Irwin online, but nothing with more than two verses and chorus - my friend recalls it having 'loads of verses' - can any of you wonderful people help?  I have looked in all the above plus SOF/H&P/HTC/Youth Praise and my friend has tried cyber hymnal.

Thank you in advance!


  • I also only know two verses of 'Spirit of God'

    'Wind, Wind blow on me' has four verses, but you probably din't want to know that.

  • I checked in HymnQuest, which covers hundreds of hymnbooks, and there are only two verses listed there. Sorry! Write a few of your own?

  • Michael Perry wrote a Christmas carol "Hush Little Boy" to the Skye boat Song music - but that's not what you want either! [it is in "Carol Praise" Published by Collins]

  • Thanks for making me smile with these 'unhelps.' I did wonder if my friend was vaguely recalling something like 'walk in the light' (the Spirit lives to set us free, or some such) which has zillions of verses, or it was just that thing about how much bigger we recall things to have been when we were younger... like wagon wheel biscuits which really were the size of a side plate, I'm sure of it!!

  • I'm pretty sure Wagon Wheels really have shrunk... hermeneutic of suspicion and all that!

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